A Groom's Plan

So you popped the question, and she said “yes,” but before we get to the “I do” part there is a lot of planning. Quite honestly most of it will be with your fiancé and family sorting through details of location, dates, parties, catering, reception, the guest list, etc. There will be your individual list as well: a best man, deciding who should be groomsmen, determining details of the bachelor party, and so on.

One of the major items that you will need to do is to choose what to wear for the big day. We all know she is wearing a beautiful wedding dress. You however, get to decide whether to wear a tuxedo, formal suit, business suit, or something a bit more casual. The latter is usually only reserved for destination weddings like beaches, a country setting, or mountains.

This is where your personal wedding haberdasher steps in to walk you through this task. The first appointment will be with both your fiancé and yourself to discuss your joint ideas of the big day. The choices are custom, rack clothing, or rental. This is all dependant upon the wedding budget and the overall look you wish to portray. We see most of our grooms take this opportunity to purchase a business / formal suit that can worn for years to come.

Once the clothing is decided, we discuss the groomsmen attire. Most of themrent their suit or tuxedo to maintain a similarity. Ken’s can provide a rental anywh ere in the continental USA and have the garment at the shop the week of the wedding. All these details are handled during the initial visit.

There is great importance and time dedicated to the accessories, the bow ties, ties, silk squares, boutonnieres, etc. because these are the subtle details that create the wedding atmosphere for the groom’s side. The accessories can be custom crafted, bought from the store selection, or ordered through Ken’s.

The groom’s gifts are also discussed at the shop. Ken’s can handcraft, design, or find the perfect items for the groomsmen to remember your wedding by. These gifts were all part of the initial wedding budget discussed in the beginning of the process, so nothing is left out.

Lastly, on the day of the wedding, a Ken’s haberdasher will attend in the groom’s room to be your personal valet. We assist with the final touches of the wedding before you stand awaiting your bride to be. From the moment you decide to marry, and beyond, Ken’s is there to be a part of your journey.