We Are Well Hung with 2 Undr Underwear

I love living in the year 2015. After many years of trying to get it right in the brief department, we now live in a century where the items bought are almost customized to your nature as a man.

Entertain yourself by outfitting you

As I age I understand that I just will not conform to the idea of being the exact fashion being that is expected of me. Here is what I wore last week in clothing.

It is a Man’s World, Month

Gentlemen, prepare your faces because Movember and Beard-ember are almost upon us. Do you have the right grooming products so you can be seen in public during the month of November? The ladies in your life, and your bosses do not wish for you to be unmanly and unkempt.

Introducing the Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket, now at Kens

Ken's celebrates the Baracuta jacket in heritage and timeless fashion by introducing them to our Dallas store. The appeal of the jacket is it's weight, the close (but not tight) fit, the soft yet rugged cotton, and the plaid underneath that slightly sneaks out for detail and design.

Understanding the Markets

Inspiration comes in all forms. Mine was a walk through Brooklyn, New York. I started in Williamsburg near the L train of Bedford and 7th. I wound my way around and around the blocks to clarify that I was on target.

Blue is the New Black

Have you noticed in the past year that all shades of Blue are shining at award shows, work place, and especially at weddings? Blue is definitely the new Black.

Carry it On

You see the business travelers in the airport and on the planes. Not just in the Dallas or Ft. Worth area, but all around the world. These are the guys who know how to travel light, with versatility, and with panache.

Haberdashery in today’s world

Do you go to see your doctor yearly?
Do you go get advice from your golf pro monthly?
Do you seek the counsel of your banker or lawyer as well?
If you answer yes to these, then here is a big question for you…

The Ken’s Experience

Walking into Ken’s Man’s Shop at Preston Royal Village, you notice the small things: the cheery hellos from John behind the counter and Carolina at her desk, the pair of Buddha cufflinks on display and the hearty handshake from Kory Helfman, son to Ken himself.

face serum

Serum can save your face and your life.

When a man dips into conversation about skin care at the Ken’s it is always

1. Shave cream or oil, and

2. Lotion or after shave.