Men's Style Terminology

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An adjustable ring on waistband allowing for a better fit without the need for a belt.

Dash Stripes

A pattern of stripes in varying widths of two or more colors.


A style of design marked by geometrics motifs, bold colors, sharply defined outlines, curvilinear and stylized forms.


Refers to the dobby attachment on a weaving machine, or fabric constructed with this attachment. Fabric made up of a decorative weave, usually characterized by small geometric or dot designs. Dobby fabrics are perfect for dress shirts as they are generally fine and flat.


Dating back to the 1800s, a knit or tweed with coarse, nubby multicolored yarns that are combined with single-colored yarns to produce a mottled effect.

Double Breasted

Refers to a sportscoat, jacket, or similar garment having a wide overlapping of the front flaps and two parallel columns of buttons. A functional inner-button, called the jigger, usually is added to fasten the over-lapped layers together, from the inside. In most double-breasted coats, one column of buttons is decorative, the other functional. Popular double-breasted stylings are 6-on-2 in which there are six buttons, four decorative and two functional and 6-on-1 in which only one of the six buttons is functional. New slim styles are showing a 4-on-1 but with a trim lapel.

Double Press Turnback Placket

The fabric on the left front panel is folded over to create the placket allowing stability and durability without the use of interlining. Ken's uses this on all instock shirts. Also called "French Fly Front". See also "Placket"

Double Reverse Pleats

Trousers with pleats open to the pockets. The first pleat is a 1" depth and second pleat is a ½" depth.

Double-Faced Fabric

Having a finished face on both sides so that either may be used as the outer, or right side. This makes for a polished look. On sport shirts, double-faced fabric allows for a clean appearance when rolling up sleeves or leaving the shirt unbuttoned layered over one of our comfortable tees.

Driving Moccasin

This shoe is characterized by a rubber outsole that extends over the heel, usually in the form of rubber nubs, thereby allowing the wearer to easily rest on a surface, such as while driving (hence the name), without ruining or scuffing the leather on the heel of the shoe.