Men's Style Terminology

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Fabric Care

Detailed fabric care instructions.


Classic hat style traditionally made of soft felt, however straw and twill fabrics can also be used. The hat is creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides. For added interest some fedoras include small feathers which are inserted in the band around the crown. Borsalino is the epotome of a classic Fedora.


The basic element from which yarns are made.

Field Jacket

Its beginnings were of a military origin, the field jacket is characterized by large lower bellowed pockets and two breast pockets.


A soft woven fabric. Usually a twill weave that is slightly napped, or brushed on both sides for additional warmth and comfort. Ken's uses a "mill finish" to give the look and feel of flannel without the weight, because of the nature of Dallas temperatures.

Flat Front

Trousers without pleats. A sleek, clean look.

Fly Front

See "Covered Placket"

Four in Hand

The four-in-hand knot is a method of tying a necktie. Also known as a simple knot or schoolboy knot, due to its simplicity and style.

French Facing

See "Scalloped Facing"

French Fly

The French fly helps to ensure that the pant front lies flat for a neater, cleaner appearance.

Fully Fashioned

A fully fashioned knit is an indication of a better quality. Compared to a cut-and-sewn knit where the separate pieces are sewn together, fully fashioned is a method of knitting a garment in which the complete unit is shaped and knit on the machine as it is formed. A fully fashioned knit is characterized by fashion marks around the armhole (shoulder) and neckline. The portions of a garment are shaped by increasing or decreasing the number of loops in the width of the fabric, such a narrowing and widening produces the shape of the garment. This results in an overall better fit.

Fully Lined

See "Lining"