Men's Style Terminology

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Nano Technology

Provides liquid and stain repellency, shape retention and resistance to creasing.


Uses metal rollers to raise the surface of fibers, giving the fabric a soft, lofty flannel-like feel. See Mill Finish

Natural Fibers

Textile fibers from animals and vegetables without a majjor manufacturing process needed.

Nested Suit

A suit in which jacket and trousers are sold together. The nested suit also sometimes includes a vest. Compare to Suit Separates in which jacket and trousers are sold separately.

Non-Iron Cotton

Enjoy the comfort of cotton without the wrinkles for a clean, crisp presentation. Garments which are 'non-iron' have seams which are taped to prevent puckering. The completed garment is [then] treated with an ammonia process, pressed and baked to make the entire garment wrinkle free. Ken's does offer a non-iron dress shirts that are machine washable and should not be dry cleaned.

Notch Lapel

A collar that has a triangular notch where the lapel meets the collar. This is traditional on single-breasted suits.


A synthetic fiber that is silky, strong and higly resilient. Nylon was originally introduced in the 1940s by DuPont for women's stockings. However, it is widely used today and is often combined with other fibers to increase durability. Nylon has definitely paved the way for easy-care garments.