Men's Style Terminology

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Oltolina produces fabrics for high quality shirts for international markets. It has a modern machinery and 150 skilled workers subdivided between the production in Asso and the finishing in Busto Arsizio. The classical and fancy fabrics of cotton are woven using the most precious twisted yarns in the world.

Ombre Plaid

A plaid in which the colors transition by way of fading.


Long staple plain weave with a horizontal cord or ribbed effect.


A weave in which the warp (horizontal) has two fine yarns paired together and one heavier softly-spun weft (vertical) yarn, which gives the fabric a subtle basket-weave look and a lustrous finish. Well known for men's shirts, it is also used for summer jackets and sportswear. Originated by a Scottish mill, oxford was one of their four shirting fabrics named after famous universities, along with Harvard, Yale and Cambridge.