A Wedding Plan

So, you have decided to get married and now have the task of planning the wedding with the love of your life? While this may seem like a daunting task, this should be a time of growing as a couple, making decisions for your lives together, and planning the day that begins it all.

I have been through countless wedding plannings and have seen many unique arrangements. My experience has shown that the best ideas come through constant communication, being open to making some changes along the way, and being able to make decisions together. As a haberdasher I am assisting the groom’s side, but welcome the opportunity to have the bride be as much a part as she would like. As I tell the groom on day one, he is just her best accessory that day, and we do not wish for him to out shine her, but complement the occasion.

When working with a couple, the process begins with many questions. Some of the common ones we receive include:

Can you work within our budget?

Will you be able to fit me and all the groomsmen?

Can you teach me to tie a bowtie?

Do you also provide accessories?

We have positive answers for all of these, in addition to advice. This is what we do. Yes, we work within varying amounts of budgets. Yes, we can work with any size and shape. We either teach how to tie a bowtie, or show up before the wedding to do so for you. We have the tools and reach to be able to work with those living outside of the Dallas area. And, yes, we would love to add the accessories to your event. In fact, the accessories truly create the uniqueness of each wedding. Whether it be the fabric of the bow tie, necktie, silk square (or circle), boutonniere, lapel pin, cufflinks, hosiery, etc… I could go on and on!

The main difference in choosing Ken’s to assist is the level of service and execution provided on the day of your wedding. We actually show up a couple hours before the wedding to be with the groom and his groomsmen. We assist them in dressing to perfection, give some last minute advice, and make sure they are looking their absolute best for the photos. Most groomsmen and wedding venues do not have anyone to assist on the grooms side. The groom and his men are usually left to figure it out. I have seen this time after time, and am determined to remedy this flaw. When you work with Ken’s, you are provided with an expert in this field, allowing for the smoothest start to the most important day of your life.

You have decided to make this day the most important day in the beginning of your lives. You should only do that by using the best to assist you in making this more than special, but extraordinary and memorable. Ken’s haberdashers make that happen.