American Strong: New Brands at Ken’s

Ken’s has a rich history of finding talent in American men’s fashion. Our belief is that young, talented designers need a plateau on which to rise, show their creative abilities, and gain experience before hitting the world. We have been blessed to see many through the years. While some have come and gone, others have stayed. Designers such as Jhane Barnes, Oleg Cassini, Ralph Lipshitz (Lauren), Noah Waxman, as well as brands like Penny Luck, Rufus, SMN, Bailey, White Shirt/Blue Jean, and more.

On Thursday, November 17th we are launching three more new brands at Ken’s: Sebastian Cruz Couture, Jack Mason, and Ace & Everett. It is fitting that they are all accessory brands. Plus, they are already holding their own on social and online.

Sebastian Cruz
Sebastian Cruz Couture pocket squares (pictured on the left) really do “stand out” because they stand up in the jacket pocket, causing people to take notice. Just check out their Instagram following at The Pocket Square Industry. The pocket squares have hand crocheted trim, and their body has unique texture and look. The brand was born a few of years ago by Cesar and Natasha Cruz. He is sales and finance, and she is the design. They saw a niche in the market, and have hit a home run! The squares come in linen, cashmere, and cotton.

Jack Mason

Jack Mason is out of Dallas, Texas and located in Deep Ellum.

Their wallet collection will be launching here on Thursday. These wallets are soft, durable, and thin while maintaining the highest attention to detail. Their corners have a red, white, and blue stitching to highlight that they are American-made. The inside front pocket dons a Texas long horn, a subtle touch that nods to their Texas roots. These wallets are available in multiple colors and designs, including the traditional bill fold and contemporary front pocket. My personal favorite is the star wallet. At first glance one sees small circles giving texture to the design, but upon closer inspection those circles are really small lone stars.
Ace & Everett

Ace & Everett are the creation behind brothers Sage and Cody Disch. They wanted to create an American original, while still paying homage to the designers before them. The inspiration for their inaugural season is New York architecture. One can see the designs on the outside and the insides of the socks due to using a 5th generation family owned hosiery mill right here in America. The feel, look, and texture is to be admired, but the quality shines through the sponginess, softness, and slight stretch on the leg. All this without falling down! Sage will be here on Thursday to show the entire collection and discuss the exciting future of the brand.

These discoveries of talent have brought us long-lasting relationships. Ken’s looks forward to working with this next set of American talent and beautiful friendships that will develop along the way. Please join us on November 17th in welcoming the latest additions to the Ken’s family.