Blue is the New Black

Have you noticed in the past year that all shades of Blue are shining at award shows, work place, and especially at weddings? Blue is definitely the new Black. The safe shade of midnight, and navy are staples for any men’s closet, but by choosing a more exciting blue tone will change the depth and look of your closet quickly. Blues have always been around, but these higher tones are seen as more elegant, sophisticated and higher value. The latter is especially true when woven with a super 150’s cloth.

Most men that drop into Ken’s are choosing the brilliant blue suits on the rack. They are great for 9 to 11 months a year in Dallas. They are easy to mix with classics like white and lighter colored dress shirts. The bright blue sport jackets mix well with navy, gray, or khaki bottoms. The shoes in both cases of suits or coats give more options for the man to use lighter tones of browns as well as those mid tones.

Other areas where we see the Blue influence?

The custom department has seen an increase in blue tuxedos with navy or black satin trims and accessories.

Casual bottoms and dress slacks are highlighting a variety of brighter blues. This is from 5 pocket trousers to basic khaki’s.

Accessories galore: bracelets to cufflinks, watches to silk squares.

We are seeing low tones of blue shades (marine, sapphire, admiral, cobalt) for the Fall season, and already the word on the street is forecasting for light tones (ultra marine, capri, airforce, and Carolina blues) for Spring 2016.

Get ahead of the times, and add a little bit of the blues to diversify your wardrobe portfolio.

Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher