Bringing Our Ken’s Men Some Luck

Ken’s Man’s Shop just launched the latest in men’s footwear. At Kens, we have over 50 years of experience in the men’s fashion industry and are experts in bringing talented designers to the retail market. Penny Luck designer & founder, Brian Munoz has created a line of artisan made leather footwear with a lucky twist. Not only are their shoes classically designed with high quality materials, but their leather soles incorporate a lucky penny on the soles, so you can wear your luck everywhere you go.

This line was made for the fashion forward man who believes that luck and hard work will make you succeed. Brian was inspired to build his footwear company, because luck had not been on his side. After his first company failed, Brian lost everything. Although he was discouraged, he learned valuable lessons that would create a recipe for success. During his first venture he had the honor to work alongside men of the fortune 500 world and always asked these esteemed individuals what contributed to their success. Their answers were surprisingly consistent: hard work, risk and LUCK. Brian had all but the latter. He then set out to create a company inspired by luck. Spreading luck through fashion is now his passion.

Whether you are working hard at the office or going out to brunch with friends, this fashionable good luck staple is sure to make a strong impression. Penny Luck shoes are locally designed and made with the finest materials to ensure they will withstand the test of time. It is lucky that they pair well with suits to denim. Come by Kens and get a pair of Penny “Luck” today.

Brian will be customizing, sizing, and showing Penny Luck at Ken’s April 16th trunk show.
Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop