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All Sizes Are Created Equal

In recent years, there’s been something of a revolution in the women’s clothing industry, driven by a chorus of voices speaking up about the lack of representation for different types and sizes of bodies. As a result of the public voicing their opinion on this, more designers and retailers are now providing better clothing options for women of all shapes and sizes, rather than just for those whose bodies are in the narrow corridor of what is considered to be “average.”… Read the Rest

The True Meaning of Success

We recently received the kind of Google review that every business dreams of: I came here to make a custom perfume and It. Was. Amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to designing my own fragrance and was afraid I was going to get overwhelmed, but that wasn’t the case at all!… Read the Rest

What It Means to Be Independent

This week, we as Americans are celebrating our biggest measure of collective independence – that of our entire nation. We’ll be taking time off to spend with our families, and to pause and reflect on the struggles and sacrifices those before us have made so that we can enjoy the privileges we currently have in our daily lives.… Read the Rest

Who’s On First?

At Ken’s Man’s Shop we’re always looking for ways to engage with our community, and it’s a great bonus when we can support others while assisting a charity. That’s why we were very excited when a company called Who’s On First came to us with an idea that does all of these things and more.… Read the Rest

Why You Should Care about the Fragrance You Wear

How refined is your fragrance game? Do you have specific colognes that you like, or do you just wear whatever family members buy for you as a holiday gift? A lot of us don’t put much thought into what kinds of colognes we wear, and sometimes we can get stuck in a pattern of either continually wearing a fragrance we don’t even care about that much, or perhaps not wearing any at all.… Read the Rest

Who Gives a Tuck?

To tuck or untuck, that is the question and concern. How do you know when you should tuck your shirt in, or leave it untucked? Ken’s haberdashers get these questions weekly. Let’s begin with long sleeve shirts. A shirt that is meant to be tucked in will be longer.… Read the Rest

Why the Bill Hunt Memorial Scholarship Is So Important

At Ken’s, community and tradition are a big part of who we are, and we like to give back to our community whenever and however we can. As part of this commitment, once a year we present a scholarship to a Garland High School senior.… Read the Rest

Here’s Why Stylish Beats Fashionable Every Time

Have you ever tried to keep up with the latest fashions? It can quickly become exhausting and expensive, because those fashions can change completely with every new season, and for a man whose priority is looking his best, being fashionable isn’t even a relevant concern.… Read the Rest

Ken’s & VK Nagrani — Red Cross Help

In support of the devastating flood and loss of property in Texas, VK Nagrani wants to help our neighbors in the south out with a fresh start on essentials. You can help. One for One. For the next 90 days, every pair of our socks and underwear you purchase at Ken’s Man’s Shop, VK Nagrani will donate a pair to the American Red Cross of Texas.… Read the Rest

Up Your Grooming Game: Video

Looking to up your grooming game? Follow these 7 steps for a better shave. 1. Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Beginning your process by cleaning your entire face will help with more than your overall complexion.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News | March 2016

“What is the correct style and length for my pants?” is the most common question we get asked at Ken’s Men’s pants, whether they are suits, slacks, or casual have become noticeably shorter these past few years. This has nothing to do with the age of the gentleman and everything to do with the circumference of the bottom of the pant leg.… Read the Rest

More Than a Haberdashery

We are more than a Dallas men’s clothing store or haberdashery. We love the community in which we live and breathe. Our favorite time of year is providing for the children at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. We cannot thank enough the love and support from our loyal friends/clients who provide such amazing acts of generosity.… Read the Rest

From the Desk of Kory Helfman

Every year we reflect on the joys, successes, events, and people that have made this year stand out above and beyond others. This has been a year of revival in the center, wonderful happenings within the shop, and a renewal of commitment to our roots.… Read the Rest

50+ Yrs An Entrepreneur: Business Lessons From My Dad

n 1964 a young entrepreneur started a high-end men’s clothing store in Garland, Texas (a Dallas suburb). 52 years later, the business is having another strong year. While it is common to read about entrepreneurs who go from $0 to $100 M, you rarely read about a small business that goes from one generation to another.… Read the Rest

The Big Benefits of Small Business Saturday

There’s no denying that small businesses are essential for healthy local economies. But with the holidays around the corner, so are hundreds of large corporate marketing campaigns. This November, small business owners can participate in Small Business Saturday, a shopping holiday designated for small companies.… Read the Rest

American Strong: New Brands at Ken’s

Ken’s has a rich history of finding talent in American men’s fashion. Our belief is that young, talented designers need a plateau on which to rise, show their creative abilities, and gain experience before hitting the world. We have been blessed to see many through the years.… Read the Rest

A Gentlemen’s Guide To Facial Hair

I am pleased and honored to be a part of the effort to “change the face of men’s health” during Movember (moustache November) at Ken’s Man’s Shop. This annual charity event, along with the wily whiskers of these bygone gentlemen, provided me an intriguing subject matter.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News | September 2016

The 9 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Ken’s Custom Clothing We receive a lot of questions about our custom clothing—from How long does it take to get the clothing? to How long do fitting consultations last?—and we’d like to share the wealth of knowledge with you.… Read the Rest

Next of Ken, Father’s Day

Ken’s Man’s Shop is celebrating in multiple ways starting this Father’s Day. Both my father, Ken, and I relish the opportunity to speak with the generations when they join us in the shop. It can be a father / son, grandfather / grandson, or mixes of these.… Read the Rest

Noah Waxman Moves a Step Beyond the Typical

While strolling the streets of Amsterdam, Noah Waxman noticed a collection of unusual shoes in the window of an unassuming Dutch home. They were so beautiful, different and clearly handmade, that Noah found himself ringing the doorbell to learn anything and everything he could about these shoes.… Read the Rest

Bringing Our Ken’s Men Some Luck

Ken’s Man’s Shop just launched the latest in men’s footwear. At Kens, we have over 50 years of experience in the men’s fashion industry and are experts in bringing talented designers to the retail market. Penny Luck designer & founder, Brian Munoz has created a line of artisan made leather footwear with a lucky twist.… Read the Rest

Spring Forward

It is this at time every year that the seasons begin their wonderful metamorphosis into elegance, balance, and color. Spring washes away the color of our winter season: the dark shades of browns, maroons (both of next fall’s hottest trend colors for men), charcoals, and black.… Read the Rest

We Are Well Hung with 2 Undr Underwear

I love living in the year 2015. After many years of trying to get it right in the brief department, we now live in a century where the items bought are almost customized to your nature as a man. For years we have lived with briefs being skin on skin, and all the complications that accompany that, as just a way of life.… Read the Rest

It is a Man’s World, Month

Gentlemen, prepare your faces because Movember and Beard-ember are almost upon us. Do you have the right grooming products so you can be seen in public during the month of November? The ladies in your life, and your bosses do not wish for you to be unmanly and unkempt.… Read the Rest

Entertain Yourself By Outfitting You

As I age I understand that I just will not conform to the idea of being the exact fashion being that is expected of me. Here is what I wore last week in clothing. Monday – wore a Pal Zileri navy suit with a ghost plaid inset and lighter blue window pane design.… Read the Rest

Introducing the Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket, now at Kens

Ken’s celebrates the Baracuta jacket in heritage and timeless fashion by introducing them to our Dallas store. The appeal of the jacket is it’s weight, the close (but not tight) fit, the soft yet rugged cotton, and the plaid underneath that slightly sneaks out for detail and design.… Read the Rest

Understanding the Markets

Inspiration comes in all forms. Mine was a walk through Brooklyn, New York. I started in Williamsburg near the L train of Bedford and 7th. I wound my way around and around the blocks to clarify that I was on target.… Read the Rest

Blue is the New Black

Have you noticed in the past year that all shades of Blue are shining at award shows, work place, and especially at weddings? Blue is definitely the new Black. The safe shade of midnight, and navy are staples for any men’s closet, but by choosing a more exciting blue tone will change the depth and look of your closet quickly.… Read the Rest

Carry it On

You see the business travelers in the airport and on the planes. Not just in the Dallas or Ft. Worth area, but all around the world. These are the guys who know how to travel light, with versatility, and with panache.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery in Today’s World

Do you go to see your doctor yearly? Do you go get advice from your golf pro monthly? Do you seek the counsel of your banker or lawyer as well? If you answer yes to these, then here is a big question for you… Do you have a haberdasher to call upon for your daily attire in business and personally?… Read the Rest

The Ken’s Experience

Walking into Ken’s Man’s Shop at Preston Royal Village, you notice the small things: the cheery hellos from John behind the counter and Carolina at her desk, the pair of Buddha cufflinks on display and the hearty handshake from Kory Helfman, son to Ken himself.… Read the Rest

Serum Can Save Your Face and Your Life

When a man dips into conversation about skin care at the Ken’s it is always: Shave cream or oil, and Lotion or after shave. What most men have not been told is the 3rd step which is actually in between 1 and 2.… Read the Rest