Choosing a Custom Clothier

How does one choose a custom clothier when there are so many out there? Longevity is one factor; reputation and reviews are another. Convenience of location is always a bonus, but you also need to consider whether a particular store offers all the extras you need, like shoes, neckwear, dress shirts, undergarments, sports clothes, and more.

Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself and your prospective clothier:

  • Does the store have the correct sizes for you to try on?
  • Does the store have the style that you are looking for in an outfit?
  • What is the experience level of the clothiers and tailors?
  • Where is the clothing manufactured?
  • Do they use fuse garments with glue, or is everything sewn down by hand?
  • What are the choices in fabric mills, and do those options feel like something you would appreciate for years to come?
  • What is the lead time to receive your clothing?
  • How many fittings does it take to “get it right”?

These are the basic things you need to know.

The haberdashers at Ken’s have been experts in custom clothing for decades. The art of the haberdashery is not just in offering accessories and accoutrements – it’s about having the eye to measure a man in his true form, and apply that to finding clothing that works for him. It is about listening to the client’s true needs, and understanding his business. The right fit and outfit will enhance his business and create more revenue for him in return.

The experience you have while at Ken’s is of utmost importance. We display the “Ken-iquins” around the store to show our customers current styles and concepts. We have all sizes within the shop to try on, and when going custom, the client can change anything about the style of a garment. Our fabrics come from all over the world, but mainly Italian mills like Zegna, Barberis Canonico, Reda, Drago, Loro Piana, Luchiano Barbera, Cerruti, and Piacenza. We create our unique patterns in the US, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands. Each garment is layered and hand- or machine-sewn, but never fused. From the time of order placement, we receive the clothing back in five weeks, if not sooner. We usually average one fitting out of the box, but have done more when requested. There are even times when a client picks up a garment and wears it directly out of the store.

We are happy to answer any any questions you have about custom clothing. Our next custom event is with Samuelsohn on September 26th and 27th. Drop by to see why we have been serving Dallas men since 1964.

Kory Helfman
Ken’s Man’s Shop
Dallas Haberdasher