Dressing for Success

The first quarter of the year is a great time for getting back to a better shape physically and mentally. It usually takes a minimum of three months to see noticeable differences in your shape, plus understanding that this is a “lifestyle” change, and not just another diet. Whatever the target is for a man there is one item that is mostly overlooked. Your current wardrobe. Men wear occupational clothing an average of 60– 75% of the day. Why not look great and feel great during that majority?

To be successful in both your business and personal life one most possess a sense of style that is geared toward success. You may be saying I cannot afford that, or at least asking what will this cost me? Please leave those thoughts behind for now and I will circle back to them. We all have growth plans or visions of how we see ourselves being at different junctures in our lives. To get us there we need to put our best foot forward and move towards those goals in small steps. This is the same with a wardrobe, just like the weight loss.

Ken’s suggests small steps with key items: a blazer, couple pairs of quality slacks that can withstand travel and cleaning, and shirts that do the same. Right there we have created at least four different outfits with one blazer. Imagine when we suggest adding a sport coat next time. Then we have six to eight outfits, or more if we add a couple more shirts. As the wardrobe grows, so does the success and versatility of it, and hence you. These are just basics though. Your Ken’s haberdasher will be adding “key details” that make each outfit stand out to give you your attitude & personality a lift. This becomes your personal style.

For others who do not need suits, coats, and dress wear we suggest dark dressy denim that actually fit your body and image. Along with a dressier casual pant, a couple of key sport/dress shirts, and some accessories to mix and match. Ken’s creates this look every single day. We are experts in creating a look of business, while being sporty. Our industry calls this “Sport Tailoring,” which is the new business attire in America.

“I’ve found confidence to be the difference between success and failure in business. I’m most confident when I know I’m dressed well. That’s why I rely on Ken’s for my clothing. They are my competitive advantage.” ~ Adam P.

Business clothing should give you daily confidence to always be at your best. Almost daily we hear men say how they love receiving comments about their appearance. We also love to hear about someone who is chosen to do something great or lead because they “looked” the part for their company. Looking great and feeling great enhances both confidence and mental positivity, which manifests in actual success.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kory and the team at Ken’s for the last couple years and couldn’t be happier. They are extremely talented at curating a wardrobe that succeeds from New York to LA and up and down the management scale. The folks at Ken’s help me capitalize on the confidence that comes with being well-dressed and I know it has positively impacted my career.” ~ Robby R.

A good wardrobe is an investment into your current and future self. Having a haberdasher is like having a financial advisor and doctor rolled into one. We know your ups and downs, your limits, and personal struggles. We cheer you on and always continue to support you in healthy ways. The visits should be about growth and happiness.

When you first come into Ken’s we will discuss your budgets and set up a plan. We always need to see your current portfolio (closet) whether in person or through photos and videos. Our assessment begins the journey. We will grow as fast or as slow as is comfortable for you and your family. We remind everyone that your investment into the wardrobe is your success in business and life.

Ken’s suggests taking part in an active choice to better oneself, and we believe that your existing wardrobe and lifestyle should enhance your life, not stall it. You should enjoy going to the closet to put together something that complements the day. By doing so, one will find that you have established not only success, but a wonderful relationship as well.