Entertain Yourself By Outfitting You

As I age I understand that I just will not conform to the idea of being the exact fashion being that is expected of me. Here is what I wore last week in clothing.

Monday – wore a Pal Zileri navy suit with a ghost plaid inset and lighter blue window pane design. Eton micro multi colored check dress shirt, and a green / gold stripe tie with textured design. The pocket square was green to accent the third color of the tie. Socks were navy blue with light blue stripes. A great way to meet my Monday business clients.

Tuesday – Mid gray super 150’s suit from Ken’s in a slim cut with hacking flaps and ticket pocket. Wearing a maroon small gingham Circle of Gentleman shirt, and a paisley green, gold, and maroon tie. The pocket square is muli colored with a whimsical design. Socks are gray and lavender. Conference calls in the early evening, and then meet prospective clients for at a networking event.

Wednesday – Athleisure wear for an errand morning. Wear a Gi the rest of the day at the dojo.

Thursday – Plaid 3 piece textured camel / brown suit in a slim fit. 2 inch cuff on the trousers even though plain front, and no break to the hem. Solid blue Ken’s french cuff dress shirt, and a navy knit tie. Navy and tan socks with brown suede slip on monk strap shoes. Early morning meet and greet with new clients at a law firm.

Friday – Multi plaid sport coat in olive, burgundy, and grey from Ken’s paired with a pair of maroon cotton pants from Meyer. An Eton slim fit denim shirt with donegal touches. Under the jacket is a lapeled textured vest in camel, and a brown knit tie. Meet some friends after work for a glass of wine before heading home.

Saturday – Cashmere cognac jacket from Allesandro Cantrelli paired with Gardeur dark denim, and a blue with tan and gray woven shirt from Stenstrom. The blue and gray pocket square is from Ken’s. Date night.

Sunday – A Mac jean in a honey combed patterned pant in gray khaki rolled up with a Raffi Atlantic blue light cardigan sweater and a Raffi lavender vee neck. Slip on suede shoes with no socks. Wore my Bailey check patterned cap all day as well. Family day.

Some weeks I grow a little stubble to compliment an outfit as well. Clothing is supposed to be entertaining and not inhibiting. There is so much fashion to experience in todays society. One doesn’t have to be flamboyant to express. You just need a good haberdasher, and learn how to take a compliment. One will be coming if you attempt to express yourself in the correct way.

Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher

Ken’s Man’s Shop