Father’s Day 2020

The Covid Year

This recent photo was the first time I was able to see my father in person since the start of the Covid-19 lockdowns. It had been twelve weeks since our previous visit. When we could finally be in the same room together again we hugged, laughed, cried a little, laughed some more, and picked up where we left off. This is the man who raised me, who taught me valuable lessons as I grew up, and whom I worked alongside since 1993. FaceTime, phone calls, and texting are okay for basic communication, but to see each other in person, and to hold a loved one’s hand, is a much more profound experience. I am elated that my father’s health is good, and his happiness is evident.

No, the scare of Covid-19 is not over, and neither are the safety precautions we take with our family members, friends, coworkers, and clientele. We will continue to be vigilant in protecting everyone’s health. And yet, a loving hug is sometimes the most powerful item in our arsenal. Nothing compares to human touch, especially after so many months of not seeing each other.


Having both of my sons at home for half of their spring semester has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy being able to have dinner with them, engage in conversations, or just be together. I realize this time is a precious and valuable gift for us. Hopefully they too understand the significance, even though it has been a disruption to their original plans. To be honest, I wasn’t ready for the nest to be emptied anyway.

It has been a privilege to witness my sons’ relationship with each other, as well as the three of us spending quality time together and with my father (Papa Ken). It is rewarding to see growth and love happen before your eyes, to have adult conversations about the realities of today and tomorrow, and to talk about the legacy that is being formed. I would love to say these two will be the third generation of the family business, but first they first need to explore this world and grow within it as individuals. Plus, I may not be able to pry them away from the field of engineering that enamors them so!

This Covid year has given us all new perspectives on business practices, the importance of family, and the value of a life reset. We are blessed to have gone through this time with my father’s health intact, creating cherished memories as my sons grow toward manhood.

Happy Father’s Day to an amazing man, soul, and father. It is a privilege and honor to be your son. May all of the fathers out there know we are thinking of them and sending positive thoughts and prayers, plus good old-fashioned hugs.

To my dad, I love you. I always look forward to that next hug.

Kory Helfman
Ken’s Man’s Shop
Dallas Haberdasher