From the Desk of Kory Helfman

Every year we reflect on the joys, successes, events, and people that have made this year stand out above and beyond others. This has been a year of revival in the center, wonderful happenings within the shop, and a renewal of commitment to our roots.

Last April, Preston Royal Village began an undertaking that exposed many decades of ill repair and mismanagement. Every single time something was opened there was something exposed that needed fixing. This has happened on the roofs, soffits, sidewalks, parking lots, and inside our shops. As they wind down the construction and begin the finishing touches, one can see a new vision on the horizon for Dallas’s most lucrative corner. We have said many goodbyes to past owners and friends and are now shaking the hands of new ones to replace them. All these changes lead us in a positive direction to where you and your family will want to spend more quality time in our center.

Ken’s found a new stride within the happenings of the fall. Our live music events with our favorite brands have not only been popular, but have been requested to return this upcoming spring and fall. We will continue to support local acts on both the music and branding stage. These stories of humble beginnings, along with giving back to their community, create a greater respect and appreciation for artisanal merchandise and sound.

As my father, Ken, celebrated his 79th birthday last week, my brother Daniel wrote a beautiful piece about our dad, this business, and why we are haberdashers. His letter will accompany this one. My dad began this business with one thing in mind: to service the rich relationships that always made him want to be better. We at Ken’s strive to be better through our communication, events, and the shop. We love to above and beyond in our relationships with our clientele and clothing. As our store grows, our hope is that the bonds of friendship, family, and community follow along. We, the haberdashers of Ken’s, are here for you. Always for fashion, service, and community.

A very warm happy holidays to you all.