Get Creative with a Custom Belt

Accessories for men have become sophisticated and nuanced, and belts are a big part of that. Just as the tie and pocket square or circle don’t need to be an exact match anymore, neither do the shoe and belt strap. That said, there are some rules.  If you own a pair of cognac ostrich boots or shoes, then the belt should match. Skins should always match, but with everything else you can let loose and have a little fun. How do we do this?

Ken’s now has two custom boxes within the shop that hold ten examples each of straps, hardware, and stitch detail. Each belt is a size 44, and can be cut down to your perfect quarter-size while you wait. If you want to change the color or texture of the strap, the hardware, or pick from over a dozen color stitches, then the belt becomes custom. It even has your initials embossed on the inside. All this is done within 2.5 weeks, and is made in Texas!

Bring your shoes in and let your haberdasher do the rest!

In-store belts = $145.
Custom = $165.

If you’re curious about the possibilities for a custom belt, have a look at our gallery below for some creative examples of what can be done.

Kory Helfman
Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop