Haberdashery in Today’s World

Do you go to see your doctor yearly?
Do you go get advice from your golf pro monthly?
Do you seek the counsel of your banker or lawyer as well?

If you answer yes to these, then here is a big question for you…
Do you have a haberdasher to call upon for your daily attire in business and personally?

If not, you need to leave the big box sales associate, the clothing company rep who knocks on your office door, the “I’ll throw a party for you and your friends” lady, the phone gal (who you will likely not ever meet) who sends you items that don’t fit the description of that hour conversation, or the sales guy who patrols the office floors of your business. These people do also do not contribute to your community.

noun \ˈha-bə(r)-ˌda-shər\
: a person who owns or works in a shop that sells upscale men’s clothes in your community

This type of person does more than “sell you” clothes you don’t really need. A true haberdasher knows their trade is the personal connection that is lost in today’s online world.

They go beyond the fabric to mend relationships that last life times and generations. They will know you better than your doctor because you see them more often, and without the worry to hear about the recent weight gain. They know where you travel, what you like to eat and drink, and see the family grow. They are there in the up markets and sell offs. They truly care how you wear the items and the impression it gives for now and the growth in stature later. You can celebrate, cry, and laugh with them. A haberdasher is also a friend.

Take the time to create a new relationship that lasts longer than most marriages these days. Go to a “mom and pop” store. Whether it is traditional, contemporary, or a bit of both. Find the owner / manager and see if there is a connection. It will pay you back in the long run, and in so many ways.

I’m a Haberdasher, and the son of one as well. It’s in the genes.
~ Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop