Haberdashery News – April 2021

Ride for Health and Charity!

Spring is the perfect time to focus on health and fitness, and now you can do it for a great cause! Ken’s Man’s Shop has joined forces with our landlord, Edens, and many of the small family businesses in Preston Royal Village, to organize a charity bike ride on Sunday, April 18th in support of the North Texas Food Bank.

During the recent severe winter storms, the NTFB used many of their provisions to provide support and food for families in Dallas. We are asking our community to bring in multiple non-perishable items in order to participate in the ride. On the day, the participating stores in Preston Royal Village will have donation boxes in front of their locations, including The Toy Maven, Royal China, T.J.’s Seafood, Cousin Earl, Neuhaus Cafe, Cryo1one, and of course Ken’s Man’s Shop.

The ride will take place between 9am and 2pm, but participants are encouraged to stagger their start times in order to facilitate social distancing. The meeting point is the northeast corner of Preston Royal Village, and we’ll be riding to the Northaven Trail. It is up to you and your family to decide how far you wish to ride. Many participants are riding to White Rock Lake (some around the lake) and back.

If cycling isn’t your thing, don’t worry – many participants are choosing to run or walk instead! Everyone who wishes to take part is welcome.

Along the route you will see members from the Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense and their families. They will be there to provide water, encouragement, and directions as needed.

With Earth Day coming up later this month, this is an ideal time to teach our young ones about responsibility to our community, support for those in need, and the importance of health and fitness. We look forward to seeing all of you and your families for a fun day out on the 18th!

Donate or sign up here!


Corporate Polls Are In

Your haberdashers have been polling C-level executives about the return to a new normal at the office. We have learned that 80% of our Dallas big businesses will be back to full capacity as of September. Many are already at 25% to 50% capacity.

What’s interesting is that due to increased productivity and results from remote employees, most firms are expecting to keep between 10% and 25% of their workforce working from home permanently.

How does this pertain to Ken’s? Over 65% of the firms expect their employees to get back to business attire in the immediate future. So be prepared, gents! Suits, ties, sport coats, dress shirts, and slacks are heading our way. Are you ready? Is your closet in good shape to get back to work?

We have also been polling our large charitable organizations in Dallas. They too are expecting a big return to dress codes beginning in the third quarter, but most definitely in the fourth. Be ready to go from lounge to luxe in the blink of an eye!

We just finished our Samuelsohn custom event at Ken’s, and we are overjoyed to see men getting back to suits and sport coats! In today’s market, the current trend is definitely heading toward a more elevated wardrobe again. While neckwear is still lagging, the colored-buttoned shirts on our Eton dress shirt wall are currently the hottest product in the shop.

Ken’s Is Brand-Centric

Ken’s is always searching for new and exciting brands, and recently we have found quite a few! Some will be introduced this fall, but for now here are a few powerhouses to keep an eye on.

Johnnie-O was founded by a former executive and reps from Peter Millar who formed their own company. Your haberdashers have already outfitted many happy customers in this fresh brand. Johnnie-O is a full-collection company that Ken’s is extremely excited about. We can’t wait to show you why.

SMN is back! Our top-tier jean has returned, but this time with a twill stretch that performs like a yoga pant, and mixes perfectly with all your spring and summer linens, polos, and tees. This is the jean you will want to wear all summer long!

LBM’s soft, unconstructed jackets are making a statement! We’ve all been living in denim and loungewear for over a year – it’s time to change things up and elevate our casual attire, and LBM is here to assist. These cotton/linen stretch jackets are the perfect toppers for any casual pant or jean, paired with anything from a button-down to a t-shirt. This is the jacket you will take on every personal and business trip for now on!

Calendar Updates

Thursday, April 29th is our next event! 

We look forward to hosting our first in-person multi-brand trunk show event since the pandemic.

Brax, NN07, and Live LIVE will be in attendance all day to show you some of the fashions, trends, and stories that have endeared them to our hearts.

These brands continue to stand out in terms of community outreach, diversity across multiple platforms, and uniqueness of design and feel. We will be serving snacks and libations for this event, and we will still be practicing social distancing and wearing masks throughout the day.