Haberdashery News – April 2022

Ken’s Custom Week!

Kory assisting a 6’10” gent with his first fitting in a custom wedding suit.

Why consider a custom-made item?

There are numerous reasons why the haberdashers might suggest various custom items in lieu of choosing clothing from the rack. The obvious answer is a unique fit. Each man’s body is different, and some truly need the choices that come with a custom garment. Someone may be extremely tall or big in girth, others may have a severe curve of the spine or sloping shoulders. Others may simply wish to create something special that isn’t offered on the rack, like a  jacquard print with a silk satin peak lapel collar in a cross-weave pattern. Whatever your requirements, your team of haberdashers are here to assist you!

The graphs, which are used during measurements and consultations, show just how different shoulders, hips, seats, and legs can be. We take everything into consideration when creating your unique pattern.

What items are available in custom?

Over the years, Ken’s custom offerings have expanded into different departments around the shop. Suits, sport coats, tuxedos (formal wear), and dress shirts have long been the backbone of our business, but we are broadening the range to include sport shirts, short sleeves, and western shirts.

This week, from April 7th to 14th, we are offering a 20% discount on custom items!

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Finished garment, minus the suit coat, for this incredible human.

Other areas of our custom department include:

  • Custom cologne and perfume
  • Polos
  • Crew and v-neck t-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Belts and shoes
  • Casual pants and 5-pocket trousers
  • Denim (jeans)
  • Leather jackets
  • Travel bags and accessories


We knew it was going to be a busy year in our rental department, but we are truly surprised and blessed to be this active so early! The number of weddings, formals, and charitable events is impressive!

If you know there is an event coming up soon, we implore you to prepare early. A couple of months in advance is best to ensure that your rental garment will be in stock. We can expedite rentals the week of or even a couple days in advance, but for the next two months we cannot guarantee availability. In these cases, we will be offering second or third options to get your outfit just right for the event!

Yes, we are social!

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Thank you for an amazing first quarter of 2022! We love being involved in the community, and having the privilege to serve and connect with you in fashion, a quick libation, great conversation, and friendship!

-Kory Helfman