Haberdashery News – August 2021

Welcoming New Team Members

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Kramer Morgan! He will be focusing on serving our wedding clients in both our custom and rental departments. Kramer hails from 75230 and is a graduate of Hillcrest HS. He is currently finishing his undergrad at UTD in child psychology. Kramer also is a busy volunteer around the Dallas community! He is a Sensei at Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense, and a swim instructor during the summer months.

We are excited to have Kramer on our team of haberdashers!

Kramer assisting a wedding party this past Saturday.

Trends to Know for Fall 2021

The shirt jacket will begin making an appearance this September in multiple brands and fabrics across the shop. Some will have stretch, while others will be wool or cotton. They can be a replacement for a casual sport coat, an added layering piece, outerwear, or your newest Zoom jacket.

These “shirkets” can take the wearer from lounge to luxe and back to lounge, easy to pair with drawstring casual trousers or khaki pants. Denim will be the most comfortable and easiest to add, but think colored bottoms beside the traditional blue.

Layer easily with a printed Eton shirt or a Live LIVE henley tee. As the weather changes to true fall, you can add light long sleeve knits, hoodies, and even a turtleneck to the shirket.
The possibilities are endless, yet fun, fashionable, and comfortable!

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In Other News… Class of 1965, John King

We were sent this article from an alumnus at GHS and wanted to share. This is an article about the jobs GHS students secured after graduating. We love the story about John King, plus the advertisements are priceless. The Ken’s ad was conceptualized and drawn by Ken himself.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Armando Perez, Our New Tailor

Armando came here to finish his studies in fashion and tailoring at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He has been tailoring for years in Arizona, and has recently relocated to Dallas. He loves to chat about pattern making, new technology in tailoring, and old school design. Armando tailors for the theater, especially for productions like Hamilton that require period pieces.

Armando is a yogi, an off-road biker, and avid hiker. You will see his talents on display when he brings his unique embroideries to our events this fall.

Welcome to Texas and Ken’s!