Haberdashery News – August 2022

Simple, Yet Interesting

These are confusing times for many gents. Your business clients may tell you not to show up in a tie, but the corporate culture wants us to dress better than jeans and a polo.

Where is the safe middle zone, slightly elevated but not garish? Pictured here is a simple navy blazer. Yet, as you get closer you can see the texture, soft shoulders, and patch pocket. Inside has a butterfly lining to keep you cool, with the lightweight feel of a travel blazer.

The pants at a distance are medium grey, but closer inspection reveals the glen plaid pattern.

The Eton shirt brings it all together with a crisp white twill fabric, and beautiful sky blue buttons.

Add a simple pocket square with blue trim matching the buttons, and boom! The outfit comes together for an elegant, detailed appearance.

This same outfit could be paired with grey denim (without a distressed look) from Brax to take it one step more casual.

If you like the look, please contact one of your haberdashers!

Fun Social Engagement

We have been having a lot of fun creating “Did you Know” videos, how-to tutorials, and brand stories for all of our social media outlets. However, we know that some of you don’t have social media accounts, so we also upload a lot of these videos to our YouTube channel so anyone can watch them.

Please click to watch the video to hear me talk about denim and why you should not wash your jeans every single time you wear them. I’ll also give you a tip to freshen up your jeans between washings and kill bacteria from multiple wearings.

A Birthday Story

A great client of ours called to ask if he could celebrate his birthday with his favorite people at his favorite shop. I asked, “where can I take you for your birthday?” He replied, “nowhere – I want to have lunch at Ken’s for my 60th!”

So four of us (John, Carolina, and Kramer were off that day) celebrated together with Neuhaus Cafe sandwiches, great conversation, and Nothing Bundt Cakes cupcakes for a very memorable 60th birthday.

Thanks for reading!

– Kory Helfman and the Ken’s Team