Haberdashery News – July 2021

Harper’s Story

[content warning: pet death]

I met Harper when he was first brought into my friend Michael Weinstein’s home. Michael is a French trained executive chef from Dallas. I have been blessed to know all the amazing pets he’s had in his lifetime, but Harper was a special “one of a kind” animal  who could read your emotions and help you through a bad day, relationship, or time in your life. Harper also was an instigator of conversations. Harper’s loving nature  helped Michael go from an introvert to an ambivert. He always knew who to smell out and who needed to chat with his best chef buddy.

Harper helped us root for our Cowboys team on many Sundays. He also cheered us up when victory didn’t go our way. That is, until his health started to decline. When Harper was seven he was diagnosed with Arthritis in both of his back legs. He was still all love, but it was painful to watch. As Harper’s arthritis progressed, Michael treated him with CBD to provide comfort and relief…and it helped!

 Following Harper’s death, Michael was inspired by the CBD treatments that helped ease Harper’s discomfort. He spent three years planning and developing two special types of high-end CBD products that can help alleviate anxiety, inflammation, and pain specifically in dogs. These products are now ready to be shared with the public so that everyone’s dogs can benefit.

Harper will always be remembered for the smiles he could bring to any room. He was the life of the party! We wanted to pay homage to our canine friend, so during the “dog days of summer” Ken’s is launching Harper’s Pet Elixir. Inspired by Harper’s favorite treats, these Bacon and Peanut Butter Flavor tinctures are available in three sizes for small dogs and cats (100mg), medium dogs (300mg) and large dogs (500mg). The CBD will not affect your pet’s memory nor personality.

The real heat of summer is coming any minute now. We humans are ready for those days, but our four-legged children are not! Especially with dogs who are a bit older and wiser – it is hard to watch them age when they have been by our side and given us so much enjoyment throughout the years. Our pets are more than pets, they are trusted and true family members who have given us incredible memories, love, and laughter.

Ken’s has the shelves behind the counter stocked with Harper’s Elixir, ready for checkout after perusing our summer selections. We hope you enjoy this summer and many more happy, pain-free seasons to come with your four-legged family members.

Second Wardrobe Wave

The first wave of men getting ready for the return to business, travel, and personal life began near the end of March. It hasn’t stopped yet, but has slowed a little during July while many clients are enjoying summer vacations with family. We are expecting the second wave of business traffic to begin in August.

To prepare for this next surge we have been adding fresh stock to the shop. You will find a few new brands being introduced this fall, more custom options, and even a couple of new faces. 

We will be introducing our newest team member, Kramer Morgan, next month, but if you see him at the shop before then please say hello. Kramer is energetic and excited to join Ken’s team. We have also brought another tailor into our mix. You will see Armando displaying his talents this fall at some of our events.

The latest brands will be slowly introduced each month from September through November. Keep an eye on Ken’s social media and emails for their launches! A couple of them are exclusive to Ken’s in Dallas, with limited quantities.

Our custom programs have been in such high demand that we decided to add to our store mix! Again, we’ll be sharing images via email and social media, but some of the added areas are weddings and formal, dress shirts, outerwear, soft jackets, shoes, and belts. We look forward to showing you our capabilities!

Your haberdashers strongly suggest that you get  in touch with us sooner than later to prepare your fall business attire, especially if you want to do custom clothing. At the moment our shipping times are about ten days longer than usual.

Ken’s Loyalty Sale Begins This Thursday!

Ken’s has decided to change up our sale this year to give you an extra advantage as one of our loyal customers. One full week before we open our sale to the public, we will offer our business clothing and selections of sportswear in a special Loyalty Sale exclusively for you!

The sale begins this Thursday, July 22nd, and the best selections go first, so drop in early to take advantage of 35% to 50% off!