Haberdashery News – Late April 2023

A Recap of Our Trunk Show

Our BRAX, Wolf & Shepherd, and Beauty by Apothecary Trunk Show was this past Saturday, April 22nd. The haberdashers hosted Rene Christopher of BRAX, Mitchell Crane of Wolf & Shepherd shoes, and Suzanna Dupuy of BBA. The reps each highlighted their Spring 2023 collections, and showed previews of what is on the horizon for Fall 2023!

BRAX Feel-Good pants are still the rage with their 5-pocket style, comfort, and diverse fabrications. We love to see many clients evolving into new fabrics that have texture, light designs, and even more stretch.

The top hit of the day for Wolf & Shepherd were their golf shoes. You already know the comfort you get when you wear their shoes daily, but now you can enjoy them on the golf course as well! Their other slam dunk was the supreme knit in mocha, and we are looking forward to receiving the new gray version soon.

Suzanna of Beauty by Apothecary had a terrific day promoting the Hydroshave, Eye Cream, Ultra Moisture Cream, and Terra Balm. She said clients are always needing more Terra Balm as they discover the power in this small product! The soothing formula has soothed eczema, cured rashes, relieved sunburns, accelerated healing on scrapes and cuts, and given relief for many other skin issues.

Please remember to return your amber glass bottles for 10% off your next refill.

A Jacket Is All It Takes

We have scoured the market to bring in a multitude of jacket styles for Spring 2023! A sport coat or jacket does wonders for any outfit, whether you wear a dress shirt, a polo knit, or even a Henley.

The contemporary classic navy blazer is still our number one seller every month due to its year-round versatility. This iconic piece goes with everything, as long as it is not the classic style with gold buttons, which is generally reserved for dress shirts and slacks.

The haberdashers have picked out many sport coats for this season, with a variety of color palettes in mind. Pinks, light blues, tans, and silvers abound, so you can express yourself this spring and summer according to your own personal taste, style, and position at work. The latter is important if you are in a position of influence in your company, heading up a team or supervising staff. A sport coat gives an air of confidence and authority while showing a great sense of style.

We are seeing less neckwear worn with sport coats these days, but more men are adding a pocket square or circle as an accessory. Depending on the day or the meeting, you can wear your sport coat with slacks, jeans, 5-pocket trousers, or the occasional khaki.

Jackets are in a different class than sport coats. The jacket has a soft and sometimes unconstructed shoulder, is a little shorter in length, usually has patch pockets, and is overall not as dressy, but still stylish. It elevates casual attire to a new level, adding sophistication even to simple jeans paired with a t-shirt or polo.

This season we focused on fabric first, with a mixture of wool with linen and silk, flax and cotton, cotton and Lycra, and more! We chose these lighter fabrics for the greatest possible comfort on the hottest days of our Texas summer.

An Accessory to Change

We have all been to many formal events in Dallas and beyond. The last thing we think about is changing the accessories that go with our tuxedo. The classic black tuxedo, whether in a peak or a notch lapel, is always in need of a change-up of bow tie and pocket square. We each have a multitude of ties in our closets for our suits, so we should also have a selection of bow ties for more formal events.

You’ll also want to switch up your pocket squares and circles, and you can evolve your formal outfits even further with our many variations of stud sets and cufflinks. Don’t forget that tuxedo shirts come in multiple styles as well! We still carry the pleated bib front, but we also have all-over designs, textured bibs, and even a noble front that doesn’t need stud sets. Your haberdashers make sure our stock levels are kept full, so you can always look your best for any formal event!

The Appreciation Continues!

Dr. Tim Lee and his wife, Connie, sent us this photo of their recent anniversary celebration! Tim has been shopping with us since the 1970s, after he got back from Vietnam. He continues to be an inspiration of hope for many through his ministry and motivational speeches around the country.

This is a second-generation family all together! Buzz and his brother Greg and their wives dropped by during our Trunk Show to say hello and grab some items. Their parents, Al and Ann, shopped with us from day one back in 1964! We have some great stories of shenanigans involving Ken throughout the years!

The Iconic “K” Is Back!

We saved the historic “K” of Ken’s when we went through our branding change back in 2018. It is now relit and hanging on our southwestern wall. It looks wonderful through the windows at night!

As always, thanks for reading and being part of the Ken’s community.

– Kory Helfman