Haberdashery News – Late April 2024

The New Business Attire

From top to bottom…

Sport coats that pair with denim and 5-pocket trousers. Soft shoulders, sometimes unconstructed and other times with full canvas construction. We are seeing both patch and flap pockets, depending on the gent and his position in the company. These coats are either in wool, or blends like wool/silk/linen, or cotton/wool.

Shirts are either dress shirts with colored buttons, textured, or patterned. Sport shirts with more aggressive or abstract designs can complement these jackets, but usually not in business settings.

Open-collared dress polos, v-neck polos, and banded polos are getting a lot of attention these days. High crew tees under jackets have started off strong, especially as the season heats up.

5-pocket trousers and denim are holding strong, and they pair with so many styles of shoes. Add a belt for sophistication.

Dressy sneakers and loafers are comfortable and fashionable this season.

Dress Like a President and Leader

Here we go again…will someone who knows any of these gents please pass them my card? (Click here to see what I mean)

I would love to be their personal haberdasher. They need to be told when it is appropriate for a leader of the free world not to wear a tie in public. They should absolutely be wearing ties when meeting with other world leaders and representing the 330 million-plus Americans. Show them and us the respect of the highest office in the land of freedom, please.

When the judicial system decides that neckwear is no longer the standard in courtrooms, or even the Supreme Court, then it will be time to remotely consider this. Now is not the time.

Drop-Ins Welcome!

Lately we’ve been getting the question, “do I need an appointment?” The answer is not usually, but sometimes it’s a great idea!

We are open to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10am – 6pm. Come on in!

We do encourage appointments for custom clothing, especially when we are having an event, so that we can give you our full attention while selecting complex details.

Drop in anytime you are in need, in the area, picking up items, or just wanting to see the newest arrivals for the season. If you require the full attention and personal service of your haberdasher, please feel free to reach out to schedule an appointment. Just shoot us a text!

As always, we are here for you, and here to serve you. Please do drop in.

Celebrating 60

Our 60th anniversary is coming up soon! We have been working for months to plan an extended celebration in honor of the man who began it all.

Over each of the next several months, Ken’s Man’s Shop will be introducing new items in honor of our dear Ken and this incredible little shop of ours. We will honor him by creating for you, and giving back at the same time. We hope you enjoy all the love that has been poured into every little detail. Stay tuned!

Wedding photo of the month, maybe the year!

Our newest client called and asked a huge favor. Could we get him put together for a destination wedding in Montana, but in only a week’s time? Well, as you can see from the photo, we were able to get all of our retail partners involved to create exactly what they wished for. The results are simply stunning! Well done, Dan!

Photo by Jill Jones.

Thanks for reading and being part of the Ken’s community!

– Kory Helfman