Haberdashery News – Late October 2022

Partners Card: Pre-Bash Event!

Join us Thursday, October 27th

This pre-bash event is our annual kickoff for Partners Card week.

Ken’s will be hosting Brax, Eton, and Beauty by Apothecary in the shop on Thursday, October 28th from 4–7pm, but of course you can drop in at any other time during the day as well!

Ken’s now carries the full collection of Brax jeans, 5-pocket pants, shirts, sweaters, polos, vests, and outerwear – come in and see why we are so enamored with this brand!

Ken’s history with Eton dates back to the 1990s. We were actually the first shop in Texas to pick them up, and they have been a brand partner ever since! They are only getting better as they age.

This fall’s selection includes dress shirts, formal and evening shirts, sport shirts, ties, and silk squares.

Our Eton wall fluctuates daily, and many of the pieces in our inventory this season will be limited editions, so be sure to check in regularly.

In addition, for three days only on Thursday the 27th, Friday the 28th, and Saturday the 29th, you can also take advantage of Eton’s custom orders! Please contact your haberdashers to set up an appointment.

Ken’s was the first retail partner for Beauty by Apothecary. It has been just over a year since we started working with these two ladies, and we’re so glad they walked in that day to chat with us about carrying their products!

Suzanna will be in-store during the Pre-Bash Event to show the newest BBA items that Ken’s will be carrying for the holiday season. This is also the perfect time to place orders for corporate holiday gifts!

Inspiring BBA gift ideas:

  • Fire starters – these look like works of art!
  • Diffusers in beautiful amber glass jars
  • Newly-launched hand and body lotion

Purchase three or more Brax, Eton custom, or BBA items during the Pre-Bash Event and receive 20% off.

Partners Card 30th Anniversary

Friday, October 29th – Sunday, November 6th

Ken’s will be open both Sundays from noon to 4 pm.

This is the 30th anniversary of Partners Card! Ken’s is one of the original stores participating in this event. Partners Card was created by The Family Place, a charity that gives victims of family violence an essential resource for leaving, healing, and growing.

The card is $75, and 100% of the proceeds go towards assisting these individuals.

As always, you can purchase your Partners Card in person at Ken’s, but this year there is also the option to buy it from us online! Just visit the Partner’s Card purchase page, select “Retailer” from the “Purchasing from” dropdown menu, and then select “Ken’s Man’s Shop” from the next dropdown menu that appears.

You will receive a digital card to use with your online purchase, but if you prefer a paper card, you can show your receipt to get one here at Ken’s.

Ken’s will also have a tablet at our front desk for you to buy a digital Partners Card right here before you shop.

Save 20% off most merchandise throughout the shop with your Partners Card! Custom items and special orders will not be included.

A Family Place Story

My journey with The Family Place takes me back to when I was a young boy. I loved helping my grandmother, Hermine (or Mema), whenever she asked.

She volunteered at many places throughout her lifetime, including The Family Place’s original location. I used to go there on Saturdays to spend time with her. My job was to lick envelopes and stamps for the mailers they would send to the post office to get the word out. The camaraderie and sense of purpose in the work kept me coming back!

Every year, especially at this time, I think of my Mema and thank her for instilling the volunteer spirit in me.

This charity is dear to me, and I am proud to sit on their Retail Advisory Board. A $75 Partners Card gives the gift of a safe haven, renewed health and spirit, and a future to those who truly need it. I hope you all enjoy your ten days of shopping experiences! Your Partners Card purchase will provide life-changing assistance for many.

With hope and gratitude,

– Kory Helfman and the Ken’s Team