Haberdashery News – Late October 2023

Join Us for Our Brax Event

Our Fall 2023 Brax event is coming up soon! This year we’re hosting the event during Partners Card week — our Brax representative Rene Christopher will be in the haberdashery all day on Thursday, November 2nd.

This is your opportunity to get 20% off the latest Brax items! Rene will be showing the entire new season collection, and the discount is also available for pants or sweaters that we need to reorder.

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday!

It’s Partners Card Time Again!

If you are new to Dallas, then you’ve probably wondered why people are talking about Partners Card! Partners Card is an annual fundraiser for The Family Place, an important Dallas charity and the largest family violence agency in Texas. One $75 Partners Card pays for a night of safety for a survivor of family violence. Ken’s has been a proud partner since the beginning of the project in 1993.

If you’d like to participate, go to any partner store, like Ken’s, or get one from us online. Just select “Retailer” from the first dropdown menu, and “Ken’s Man’s Shop” from the second menu.

From October 27th to November 5th, you can save 20% off new inventory at any of the partner stores! You can also dine at partner restaurants to save 10% off food purchases only.

You will be able to save on a greater selection of merchandise that we brought in special for this 10-day event!

What Did We Bring In This Year?

When you walk into the haberdashery you will see a sea of jackets that we’ve brought in for the Partners Card event.

From sport coats to soft jackets, we have red corduroy, big bold plaids, jackets with stretch, sweater jackets, and even zippered jackets!

We have also introduced many new brands this season: Tiki, Salvatore Sorrentino, Patrick Assaraf, and more!

We expanded our Magnanni shoe collection to be bigger than ever, and our knit and sweater department is one that must be seen, felt, and tried on.

Our fall shirts this year are incredibly soft and luxurious in cottons, flannels, and stretch blends.

Eton’s shirts are particularly innovative this season. These are not just standard dress shirts — the designs are truly above and beyond! These new brown colored buttons are flying off the shelves.

Something for the Ladies

On November 16th, 17th, and 18th, we will be presenting Fundamental Coast for women. We introduced this active athleisure brand last fall with our men’s collection, and it flipped the shelves every single week for eight weeks, even outselling Vuori!

This year we requested the women’s collection as well, and we were granted permission! You can come in and select your styles as soon as November 6th. Some will be available to purchase at the shop, and others we will special order from samples we’ll have on hand.

We hope you have a safe and spooky Halloween! We can’t wait to see you at our Brax event. And don’t forget to grab your Partners Card!

– Kory Helfman