Haberdashery News – March 2023

Lone Star Horse Racing

The Kentucky Derby is seven weeks away, and this year we have a couple of clients with their horses in the races!

Every year the Ken’s haberdashers put together outfits for the entire Derby weekend. To do so correctly, we need time to create the desired look and match your outfit to your spouse’s, so please contact us as soon as possible.

This year we’ve concentrated on adding many new and exciting fabrics to the sport coats, so you will not see yourself coming and going while you stomp the grounds.

Speaking of Fabrics…

Our next Ken’s custom event is around the corner!

Beginning March 28th through April 4th, we will be highlighting our Private Label books of suits, tuxedos and formal wear, and sport coats, as well as our dress shirt collections.

Our dress shirt collections also include sport shirts, untucked shirts, short sleeve shirts, and formal tuxedo shirts.

Our wardrobes are personal mirrors, reflecting our self-image onto both our business and personal lives, so this is a perfect opportunity to create the style and harmony you want in your closet!

We will be making appointments in the weeks leading up to the event, so please contact your haberdasher soon to get on our appointment list.

Celebrating the Irish

Those who know me best know that I am not a beer drinker, nor do I like loud, unruly crowds. But I do enjoy the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Who doesn’t wish for a little Irish luck on the 17th of March?

What I love most is the opportunity to wear my green accents somewhere in my OOTD (outfit of the day). Green is a calming color and one associated with nature. With our trees in the early blooming stages, we know the best of Dallas weather is around the corner. Green is also associated with luck, money, health, and transformation, so who wouldn’t want to wear it?

Ken’s has many new green items for Spring 2023. If you’re wearing a jacket, you can add a refreshing pocket square or circle to the mix, or a lapel pin! We also have numerous polos and woven shirts with a green touch. If you prefer your green to be more subtle, we also have socks with green accents.

How Are You Really?

This is the question that Solomon Thomas asks for his youth suicide prevention charity, The Defensive Line. I was fortunate to be able to attend this spring’s Beacon of Hope function for the Grant Halliburton Foundation, where Thomas was a featured speaker.

Dak Prescott also spoke at the event, sharing his own personal story and charitable involvement. Both men lost a sibling to suicide, and their personal charities provide hope in our nation’s fight to raise awareness for the prevention of suicide. The Grant Halliburton foundation gives parents, guardians, and others the resources to find help for those suffering from mental illness.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health issues, please contact the Halliburton Foundation to find out what resources are available to you.

Decades of Service and Family

We are grateful for the many families who have been loyal clients and friends over the years and decades. They have gone on to have children, and now their grown children have kids of their own. This third (and sometimes fourth!) generation of clientele leaves me in a state of awe. It is a privilege to witness the changing of the guard as the younger members of the family grow into leaders, and as relationships continue to strengthen and grow between the family and the community.

The Price family has been with us since the late ’60s, and the Rusk family since the early ’70s. Keith mentioned to me the other day that his first purchase from us was a powder blue suit that Ken sold him, for his wedding to Dana.

We love celebrating the richness that time has given us with these beautiful relationships. It is a blessing to be a small part of the whole.

As always, thanks for reading!

– Kory Helfman