Haberdashery News – March 2024

Prep Early for the Derby

The Thomas family from last year’s house party

Preparation is always the key to any successful event.

Our current trunk show week with Samuelsohn is the perfect opportunity to create an outfit for the Kentucky Derby, or a house derby party. 90% of all of the derby outfits we create are custom, from sport coats to colorful dress shirts, beautiful bow ties to linen slacks.

The key is in the timing. When we create a custom sport coat for the derby, we need six weeks. This also gives us time to look for those stand-out ties, derby hats, and shoes to go with it all.

Most clients go to the derby for at least three days, and prepare themselves with a minimum of four outfits, depending which events and parties they’re going to.

Please get in touch with your haberdasher soon, so we can serve you best for the derby days ahead.

Samuelsohn Trunk Show Week Is Here!

Every year, we present new swatches from Samuelsohn in preparation for the spring and summer ahead.

This year, Samuelsohn has sourced sport coats mixing new patterns with current colors, including more textured solids and stripes. Their suits range from the darker ceremonial classics, to durable and lightweight fabrics like seersucker, linen, and crepe, which are ideal for our Texas summers.

The lapels remain a bit wider than before, and the pants are still plain-fronted. Fashion-forward men are choosing a single, one-pleat for a change-up.

More casual suit-wearers are adding a patch pocket to the suit coat in lieu of a traditional flap pocket. This style looks best without neckwear, paired either with a colored dress shirt or crew or polo collar knit.

Your haberdashers are here to help you select the latest styles that complement your look and lifestyle. Make an appointment today!

Just Landed: Magnanni and Salvatore Martorana

The classic driver from Magnanni has arrived, just in time for spring weather! The rubber sole extends upward to the heel for a sophisticated look. This year they gave the leather material a perforated design for style and breathability, and the flex sole moves as the foot moves for ultimate comfort. This shoe can be worn without a sock, or with a slipper sock.

The versatile dress sneaker has also landed at the haberdashery. It pairs perfectly with our Alberto and Brax jeans, or five-pocket trousers for the spring. Complete the look with short sleeve shirts, polo knits, crewnecks, or Henley knits. This shoe can be worn with a mid-calf or sneaker sock.

Our newest brand, Salvatore Martorana, hails from Italy. This is a second-generation family business producing handmade full canvas suits, sport coats, and outerwear.

From the moment you try these garments on, you can immediately feel the how they caress the shoulder and under the arm to give greater extension and comfort. The modern silhouette of these jackets looks great with slacks, five-pocket trousers, or linen pants.

I’ve had the honor of meeting and getting to know the son, and now the father.

Get Your Closet Ready for Spring

This year, Easter is earlier than ever, meaning you’ll be wearing spring colors and white very soon!

As you’re switching out your closet for spring items, you need to look at what wasn’t worn during the winter, and ponder why. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it fit?
  • Will I wear it again?
  • Does it match my personal brand and taste?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then you need to donate that item. Go through each wardrobe category— suits, sport coats, dress shirts, pants, jeans, sportswear, sweaters, and outerwear. Do the same for the spring items you’re pulling out, as well. There is something cathartic about decluttering items and giving breathability and space to your closet.

Heavier items that were worn during the winter season need to be cleaned or steamed, bagged, and put away. It’s not quite time to put away lightweight sweaters or outerwear, as we will still have cold mornings and chilly evenings for a while. If you’re planning on traveling to somewhere cold, then make sure the items you want to wear are easily accessible.

If you do have any questions about your closet, please get in touch with your haberdasher so we can assist you.

Save the Date

Our next event, featuring Brax, is Thursday, March 28th. Mark it in your calendars— we’ll be talking more about this soon!

Thanks for reading and being part of the Ken’s community!

– Kory Helfman