Haberdashery News – Early May 2022

Mother’s Day Skin Care Basket

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! This year we have teamed up with Beauty by Apothecary to offer Mother’s Day gift baskets. These are the perfect compliment for all of Mom’s hard efforts!

This “Daily Routine” basket includes Coconut Milk Cleanser, Eye Cream, and the Lumosity moisturizer, plus a washable scrubbie.

The “Take Me Away” basket features a Rose Clay facial mask and bath soak, with Hydroshave and Rose Geranium body butter. Bonus: A beautiful and aromatic candle from another local company.

Please let us know which basket you wish to order for this coming Sunday’s Mother’s Day celebration!

Spring Must-Haves

As we glide into May of 2022, your haberdashers have thoughts on what’s ahead for the summer months – here are some key items:

The NEW Polo Shirt – Not just your typical golf polos either, with a dry fit feel. We have scoured the market to bring you multiple brands that encompass a dressier look to go under a blazer, sport coat, or unstructured soft jacket.

The non-buttoned open polo collar will be our most sought-after polo. The two-buttoned solid from Live LIVE in Peruvian Pima cotton will be a close second, and there are so many more choices – drop in to see all the offerings!

Deconstructed jackets and shirt jackets are still thriving! Do you love wearing 5-pocket pants or denim to work when you can? Do you work from home and wish to spiff up your online presence? Have you ever wanted to wear something softer and more comfy than the old traditional navy blazer on your date night? Then these jackets are for you!

Our newest collection from LBM, Ken’s private label, and Manto Italia are the best additions you can make to your wardrobe.

Ceremonial Suits – Are you heading to a Bar Mitzvah or wedding, or hosting a charity function or other event? Whatever the ceremony, you’re going to need something more formal than what you’ve been wearing the past two years.

Resist the urge to go more casual – 2022 is about going all out when dressing for the occasion!

The number one item in the shop has been the Ceremonial Suit. It is the one suit that represents this year’s physique and style! Imagine dark, dressy, tailored, slightly textured, and patterned with a micro check or houndstooth that is so subtle, it comes off as a solid. You can either select from our Ken’s stock on the sales floor, or choose the perfect one for you from our custom swatches.

Let Ken’s style you for all your summer plans!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

This month we will be raising awareness of the importance of mental health. These past two years haven’t been easy on anyone, and mental illness is a silent killer affecting too many people of all ages. This topic is dear to us due to our first employee, Bill Hunt, who passed away at an early age due to mental illness. No one knew Bill was suffering, and back then we didn’t have the programs or support that we have now.

To honor Bill, Ken and the class of 1964 began a scholarship program in his name. This is our 30th year giving the award. Caleb Williams and I will be presenting the scholarship on June 1st to a GHS senior who exemplifies the vision and qualities of Bill Hunt. Caleb himself won the scholarship at GHS 20 years ago.

Caleb and Kory at the shop.

This month we will offer several opportunities for you to help support our mission. One is to visit our JustGiving fundraising page and donate.

We Appreciate Your Support for the NTFB

Kramer and one of his out-of-town friends showed their support!

The 2nd Annual Preston Royal Pedal took place on Sunday, April 24th. Our Preston Royal Village tenants were there to support the North Texas Food Bank by giving donations of food items while we went on a nice ride, and enjoyed the community on a beautiful Sunday.

Ken’s also raised about $1800 through our online fundraiser.

Ken’s Gave with Heart

The American Heart Association’s Côtes du Coeur gala was on Saturday, April 30th at the Omni Hotel. Ken’s decided to “go big” this year to support the AHA!

The haberdashers put together a package of seven days of outfits from all of our brands: tuxedo, suit, sport coats, slacks and trousers, outerwear, and more. The package was listed at $14,500 retail!

We are very blessed that this package received many bids, with the winning bid coming in at $20,000! Ken’s is elated to have played our small part to help those fighting heart disease.