Haberdashery News – May 2023

Faux Pas Presenting

Alright, alright, alright… yes, you know this guy!

I took this screenshot on my iPad while I watched Matthew McConaughey presenting an online seminar. Although the content was terrific (and similar to his book Greenlights), I kept being distracted by his outfit.

The wrinkled cotton/linen shirt was too big, and way too long to wear untucked. The faded jeans were much too long, and when the camera zoomed in (which it did frequently), it showcased his unkempt facial hair. Matthew has a great frame and stature, so why hide it, or look less-than? His presentation was well-prepared, and yet he didn’t exude confidence. It almost looked like he slept in his outfit the night before, that’s how disheveled he appeared.

When we are presenting to any size audience, even if it is a remote one like this, we need to do our best to elevate the experience. This begins with understanding how the audience perceives us. The clothing we wear speaks volumes, and sometimes the outfit distracts from the actual message. It’s important to be better than “alright”.

Mother’s Day Is This Sunday

How are you going to make Mother’s Day special for your mom, wife, and the other important women in your life? The haberdashers have selected locally-made Beauty By Apothecary products to make the process easy.

Get 30% off when you choose 3 or more products from these categories:

  • Hyaluronics
  • Serums
  • Lumosity
  • Thieves’ Oil
  • Body Butters
  • Bath Salts

Let us help you show the mothers in your life how much you appreciate everything they do!

Last Week for the $50 Gift Card

Your haberdashers sent out your $50 gift card in mid-April. This is the last week to use the card toward spring items for your wardrobe, travel outfits, or an upcoming event.

We look forward to assisting you soon!

Give a Heart

I was honored to attend the American Heart Association’s annual Côtes du Coeur grand evening event at the Omni Hotel in Dallas. This is a huge gala every year, and I love seeing many of Ken’s clients dressed in their formal finest for the occasion! It was a great night of eating, tasting great wines, and being entertained.

Ken’s loves being a small part of the donor group that makes this a very important night for so many.

A Tale of Two Moms: A Legacy

This is a photo of my parents, Carolyn and Ken Helfman, back in 1964. My mom was 24 in this photo, and my dad 27. A year later my oldest sibling, Theresa, was born. They truly were opening a mom-and-pop shop back then, with the goal of growing into a bigger shop and moving to Dallas within five years.

As we all know, after three successful years in business, in 1968 they decided to move into a brand new strip center across the street on Kingsley Road. Ken’s was to be the anchor of this center.

Even though my dad’s name was on the sign, behind this man was an amazing woman who supported, encouraged, and assisted in keeping the dream alive.

Thank you Mom, Carolyn, for being that person for all those years to help us not only stay in business, but become who we are today.

In 1982 my father remarried to Jerri Jeffcoats-Greer, and they have now been married for 41 years. A couple of years after they married, Jerri left her corporate job to take over the accounting position at the shop. She maintained this position until she retired in 2016. Without her keen eye and conservative approach, we would not have lasted through the economic crises of each decade.

Thank you Jerri, for your lasting impact and financial expertise. Your guidance helped Ken’s grow through even the most difficult times.

As always, thanks for reading and being part of the Ken’s community.

– Kory Helfman