Haberdashery News – November 2023

Are You Ready, Ladies?

Starting today through November 18th, your haberdashers will be taking orders on the Fundamental Coast women’s range that we brought in exclusively for you!

This is a limited-time offer on inventory that they are holding specifically for us.

We have plenty of samples and styles here for you to look through. Imagine the soft feel of Vuori, but with even more comfort!

Oh My, Cashmere!

Yes, that’s right — our selection of cashmere is back, plus much more!

We put a lot of emphasis on our cashmere products this year. Last year’s top-selling brand, Naadam, will be in stock within the week! We went to bat like the Rangers to bring you the best selections, and we’re hoping you love the color palette for Fall 2023.

We also brought in Autumn Cashmere, a new brand for Ken’s with a slightly different style from our usual cashmere fare.

Two of the lightweight sweaters have baseball raglan sleeves, and another has a small shawl collar. You have to feel them to believe how soft they are!

Our Manto vests are already here and are already turning heads. We have a tightly-quilted cashmere vest, and another in suede!

To top it off, pun intended, we have Edward Armah cashmere caps in a multitude of colors!

We look forward to showing you these new collections, so you can experience the luxury of cashmere firsthand.

Is That Suede?

Ken’s has created suede belts for the fall and winter season!

Drop in to see our latest suede semi-custom belts — we’ll cut them to your size while you wait! Choose from brown, polo brown, chocolate, black, navy, and more.

A Preston Royal Legacy

A gentleman and his family dropped by the shop this week to pick up their clothing.

On the way out he noticed our Preston Royal sock. He shared with me that not only did his parents own the land at Preston Royal and Preston Forest, but his mom designed the iconic sign that still stands today near our shop!

He said he would proudly wear these in her memory.

Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner? We are here to help you look and gift your absolute best this season.

– Kory Helfman