Haberdashery News – October 2022

Ken’s Custom Event

October 13th – 22nd

Ken’s semi-annual private label event begins this Thursday!

For our loyal clientele, this is your opportunity to create your own stylized custom suits, sport coats, tuxedos, slacks, or a minimum of three dress shirts at 20% off.

Are you a unique size or shape?

Have you ever wanted to create an outfit like football players wear when they head into the stadium?

Do you need something special for an upcoming wedding?

Have you always wanted to try a custom item?

Now is the time!

We source from mills all over the world, create these pieces in four different countries, and deliver the merchandise to you within four to seven weeks!

These creations are made by appointment only during the ten-day event. Please reach out to your haberdashers to inquire.

Loving the Vibe and Looks of Autumn

All of us Dallasites can feel it in the air every morning – the freshness of a new season dawning! Cooler air, more darkness in the mornings, and dew on the grass. It is autumn! True patio weather abounds, and it’s time to consider layering once again for the season ahead.

This season we have really stepped up our game with Manto, Robert Barakett, and Brax, with looks featuring shirt jackets, soft coats, shore jackets, vests, and much more!

Limited Edition Preston Hollow Socks

We have many Iconic Dallas socks, including Big Tex, Lakewood, and the Dallas winter skyline, but the Preston Hollow sock is our favorite creation to date! We used the iconic Preston Royal Village sign to show our heritage in the center, plus our illustrious zip code, with a twist…

This is our shout-out to all who hail from or work in Preston Hollow – we are a unique zip code with gusto, panache, elegance, and swag. Thus, the inspired twist was born: 7523-OH!

Stay tuned for more OH! surprises coming soon!

Here for You When You Need Us

Why do we so frequently mention that we specialize in weddings and formal events? We want to make sure you know that we have the same level of commitment to service and quality in our rental department as we do with off-the-rack and custom.

Ken’s does consider itself to be a one-stop shop for men, so next time you need that quick rental when you get an unexpected invitation to a black tie event, please pick up the phone and have a chat with your haberdasher. We are here to help you look and feel your best through all the events in your life, no matter how last-minute they may be!

We can’t wait to help you look your best this season!

– Kory Helfman and the Ken’s Team