Haberdashery News – October 2023

Weather Your Closet

Fall may officially be here, but the weather is still warm and it’s not time to put away all of your spring and summer items just yet. Each weekend, select one category of clothing to switch out, and take the time to go over each item and make sure of a few things:

  • Have you actually worn the items you are putting away, as well as the ones you are pulling out? Consider donating the ones you don’t wear anymore.
  • Look for moth holes, stains, fraying, and other signs of wear. If the item has seen better days then it’s time to donate it.
  • Do your jeans and 5-pocket pants look current, and fit well?
  • Do your shirts have any collar stains that will not come out?
  • Do you have a ceremonial suit for weddings and funerals?
  • When was the last time you replaced your shoes and belts?
  • Do you have enough items for layering during the business day, or to go out for date night?

The Almanac is saying that Dallas temperatures will be below average during the months of December, January, and February, so we can expect a colder and wetter winter than usual this year.

Prepare accordingly!

Ken’s Private Label Event

Ken’s Private Label Event begins next week!

Join us October 12th — 14th for an opportunity to create a wardrobe that reflects your unique personal style.

We will be showing all the new fabrics in our Ken’s custom area. This season we will be featuring suits, sport coats, dress slacks, dress shirts, and our new Ken’s custom jeans!
If you’ve never worn custom clothing before, you’re in for a special experience. A whole new world opens up where every aspect of your outfit is chosen by you, for you, and of course the fit is always perfect! Once you understand the magic of custom clothing, you’ll want to transform your entire wardrobe.

This is an appointment-based event, so please contact us to schedule your time slot. The average appointment lasts about an hour, though some go for 1.5 hours. If you can only come on a date before the 12th, let us know and we can work around your schedule.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Value Added Seminar

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by one of the professors at UNT to give a seminar to her Fashion and Hospitality students. In lieu of doing it on campus, we decided a field trip would be more appropriate so the students could have a hands-on experience.

Fashion and Hospitality undergrads from the University of North Texas

The professor and students sent over numerous questions before the seminar so I could think about which ones to discuss. In the end, we ended up discussing them all and many more! Some of the topics included how and where to begin if going down the route of running a small business, merchandising, buying, sourcing, employee and client retention, marketing and advertising, and business planning. We also talked about the history of Ken’s!

If these amazing students remember only one thing, I hope it is the part about taking care of yourself first so you can go the extra mile for your clientele, and also the importance of being extra good to your team, for they will take care of you in your times of need.

Notes on the New Senate Dress Code

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not shy away from writing or discussing topics on clothing. Especially when I see something that does not make any sense! Karen Grossman, Editor in Chief at MR Magazine, recently wrote an article on the new Senate dress code. She shares her opinions on how perceptions shift when senators show up for work in gym shorts and hoodies, instead of the professional attire that we’ve come to expect from officials in respected public positions.

This article is so well-written that I do not need to write my own, but simply share hers.

Bravo, Karen Grossman, bravo.

As always, thanks for reading and being part of the Ken’s community — hope to see you at our Private Label Event!

– Kory Helfman