Haberdashery News – September 2022

A Trunk Show by Any Other Name

Fabric, design, and fit!

Our biannual private Samuelsohn Trunk Show is September 15 – 17! This is your opportunity to create custom Samuelson designs, including suits, sport coats, tuxedos, slacks, and soft jackets, all with a 20% discount per item. By the time you read this the swatches will already be here waiting for you, so you don’t have to wait until the days of the event – you can make an appointment to come see us anytime beforehand. We do prefer to work by appointment with these big events, but we also understand that schedules can be unpredictable! We look forward to seeing you whenever time allows.

Right On, Writeup!

Advocate Magazine wrote an article about our shop back in 2014, and they recently republished it on their website. The writer, Christina, was previously an employee at Ken’s. Even then we knew that these haberdashery walls were not meant for her long-term, because her writing talents and inquisitive mind would lead her into the world of journalism.

By the way… I loved that Palm Pilot!

Texas Flood

No, not Stevie Ray Vaughan’s famous song, even though I love it! I am referring to the flood from last week that brought over ten inches of water in some areas. We have all seen the damage, the videos, and the heartbreak of having to rebuild lives.

In addition to sending prayers for those affected by tragic events, every couple of years your Ken’s team of haberdashers donates clothing for a cause. At the moment we are gathering many items throughout the shop in varying sizes, concentrating on jeans, t-shirts, polos, casual pants, and jackets. Soon we will be delivering these goods to churches in South and Far East Dallas, as well as to local shelters who are housing some of the people who lost everything in the flood.

If you would like to donate some t-shirts, shirts, or jeans to the mix, please let us know and we will get them in the right hands, and on the right backs!

Thieves Oil

What do the bubonic plague and Beauty by Apothecary have in common?

Thieves Oil!

In the fragrance of Thieves Oil you can immediately pick out clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and much more! Other hand sanitizers we have tried dry out the skin and can even cause irritations, but this wonderful hand wash wards off any and all germs while it cleans and moisturizes. If you’re curious about what all this has to do with the bubonic plague, please take a quick moment and read this amazing story written by Suzanna of Beauty by Apothecary!

It Hasn’t Been All Work

This photo is from 2001. My elder son was only a year old and the younger son had yet to be born. Yes, we worked hard every single day at the shop (and still do!), but we also had many memories and fun moments along the way. My dad has an especially good sense of humor. During a photo shoot one day I photobombed the shot by jumping in his lap! We both still laugh about it!

Thanks for reading!

– Kory Helfman and the Ken’s Team