Haberdashery News – Spring 2022

Ken’s Italian Suits & Sport Coats

Our efforts were worth it!

Our newest collection of Ken’s private label suits and sport coats have just arrived! The suits are from the Guabello mill and are a Super 150s cloth. Everything was made in Italy. The fabric has a super luxe silk hand with an incredible weight for our Texas weather! We will be stocking navy and charcoal gray.

Our Ken’s private label sport coats will be from the Vitale Barberis Canonico mill in Italy. These are a Super 110s fabric with gusto!

We wanted fabrics that are a four-season cloth, but considered in our industry as “pant eaters”, meaning they really go with a multitude of shades of slacks, trousers, five-pocket pants, and jeans.

Here are two examples of these fabrics – one is a textured multi-weave, and the other a touch more classic with a plaid design.

Please contact your haberdasher so we can reserve one for you for this season!

Saturday, April 2nd: BRAX Event

Our BRAX event is only ten days away! We are very excited to show you the newest collection. We decided to move this season’s event to a busy Saturday to really get the most out of Rene, our visiting BRAX representative and all-around expert.

This season he will be bringing more shirts, polos, and shorts than ever before, plus our favorite five-pocket and denim pants!

Please understand that while we are good on the early shipment of products this season, BRAX is still dealing with Covid and world issues, namely the war in Ukraine. Some of their more special pants are actually made there!

So please try to see us on Saturday, or order early while supplies last.

Celebrating Universal Women in Business Day (and all month!)

We are blessed to have some amazing woman designers, owners, and business partners in our industry. Here are a few we would like to bring to your attention:

Antonello Arpaia of Manto of Italy

Teresa Zimmerman of Wood Underwear

Cristina Bruneau and Suzanna Depuy of Beauty by Apothecary

Shannon Jamail of Activated Faith Candles

Karen Gold and Megan Knee of Peak Effects Marketing

Melissa Maples of MediaSixtyOne

Diane Griggs, our human angel who creates the amazing blankets for the children at Children’s Health cancer wing

Carolina Cheney of Ken’s Man’s Shop

We are honored to work with and beside each of you, as we continually strive to be better than the day before, and provide the service and attention to detail that is expected at Ken’s. You make our shop (home) a better place.

Kory Helfman