Custom Shirts

There’s nothing better than a shirt that is designed exactly to your specifications. With custom shirts, you have full control over the important details such as:

  • The height or shape of a collar
  • The placement of the second button
  • Size of the armhole
  • Width of the waistline
  • Contrasting fabric under collar and cuff

All this and more can be tailored to your body and taste with Ken’s custom shirts. When you wear a shirt that fits you and the occasion perfectly, it will show-not only in how you look, but also in how you feel and present yourself.

Warning: You’ll never want to buy a shirt off the rack again. Make an appointment today to design yours.

Our Custom Shirt Brands

"Ken's Man's Shop is awesome...A beautiful array of textiles and men's accessories perfectly tailored to fit you!"

Bill Swift

Dallas, TX

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Nothing looks and feels as wonderful as clothing designed and constructed just for you.