Have a Plan B, C, and D for Your Wedding

Thomas and Priscilla, the newlyweds


Meet Thomas and Priscilla. I am pleased to say they are now happily married. 

This year we are all starting to find some normalcy again in our lives. The couples who waited until after 2020 to get married are overjoyed to plan their weddings in 2021. But before your big date comes up, please consider things that could happen outside your control, as evidenced in the story of the lovely couple above. 

She had him at “cologne”

Priscilla came by the shop after seeing our custom cologne/perfume experience on Airbnb. We had a great time making her a special fragrance, and she said she wanted her boyfriend to experience the same magic. A few months later when they were visiting Dallas again, he did! It was a great date for them and they were engaged soon after (I can’t give our cologne the credit for that, but it didn’t hurt!).

Soon after, Thomas texted that he wanted me to create his custom tuxedo for the wedding. It was my pleasure, and I had so much fun doing it! 

As the date approaches…

The custom suit and shirt, tie, and silk pocket circle were all completed with a week to spare. We decided not to waste any time and had the items overnighted to Detroit (their home city and wedding venue). The package never arrived!

On top of that, I had created 150 small samples of individual colognes/perfumes that were duplicates of their custom fragrance, as favors for the wedding guests. This package was sent second-day air (fragile). Both packages were sent on Tuesday. 

Thomas holding the sample vials for the colognes/perfumes

The second-day air was delivered on Thursday after much banter with the freight company. The overnight package was finally found and held for pickup the night before the wedding! Talk about stress! 

The venue also called the couple to say they had too many attendees, even though the number was written in the contract! What they didn’t realize was that the venue was still having a hard time finding people to work, which is a problem we’re all seeing at restaurants these days.

Then there were the catering issues. Same reasons. 

The wedding planner they hired did not plan for any of this. 


Fast-forward to the good news: Every guest was fed and seated inside the venue. The couple was able to rethink, discuss, and quickly fix the problems in cooperation with the venue and caterer. 

They were lucky – this hasn’t always been the case in 2021.


When planning your wedding, especially while we’re still feeling the effects of the pandemic, please remember to have multiple backup plans, and be ready to think on your feet to fix issues that pop up, because there will be some! Instead of letting unexpected complications ruin your big day, turn them into positive outcomes that will make great stories when you reminisce in the future.