Here’s Why Stylish Beats Fashionable Every Time

Have you ever tried to keep up with the latest fashions? It can quickly become exhausting and expensive, because those fashions can change completely with every new season, and for a man whose priority is looking his best, being fashionable isn’t even a relevant concern. Being stylish is a completely different consideration, and here’s why your own unique style is what you should be aiming for when designing your wardrobe.
Timelessness. If you’re following fads and fashions, your closet will quickly fill up with clothes that are outdated. You then have the choice of wearing those outdated items and feeling a little ridiculous, or going out every few months and buying more pieces that will eventually just add to the clutter. When you plan your wardrobe around your own personal style, however, you’ll select pieces that are based on your body type and lifestyle rather than the fads of the moment, and those looks will have a longevity and timeless quality that persists year after year. You’ll always look good, no matter what is happening in the current fashion scene, as your look will be on an entirely different level.

Cohesiveness. Although it might be fun in the moment to wear a fashion that’s passing through right now, in the long run dressing according to current fashions becomes frustrating. It’s difficult to put polished outfits together when your wardrobe consists mostly of pieces that were trendy at a specific time in the past, because usually those pieces won’t combine well with any other looks. On the other hand, if you make a wardrobe plan ahead of time and build that wardrobe based on your overall personal style, each piece makes sense within the arc and can be mixed and matched in a number of ways, creating a range of outfit options that will all look great on you.

Cost-effectiveness. Keeping up with all the latest fashion fads gets expensive, especially when you consider how quickly those fads become yesterday’s news. Sure, there’s some investment involved with constructing your own style from the ground up, but it’s nothing compared to the returns you get from having quality pieces that transcend ephemeral fashions. If you care about spending your clothing budget wisely, it makes sense to prioritize pieces that are stylish rather than fashionable, and that fit well with your personality rather than with the latest trends.

Naturally your goal is to look your best, and focusing on developing your own style rather than following fashions is the most efficient and enjoyable way to reach that goal! You’ll always come across as innovative and sophisticated when you honor your personal style above all else, and best of all you’ll be confident in how you look every time you leave the house.

Kory Helfman

Dallas Haberdasher

Ken’s Man’s Shop