It is a Man’s World, Month

Gentlemen, prepare your faces because Movember and Beard-ember are almost upon us. Do you have the right grooming products so you can be seen in public during the month of November? The ladies in your life, and your bosses do not wish for you to be unmanly and unkempt. The wonderful aspect of this month is the fact that is brings recognition to male health issues that we rarely discuss in the open. This month with the growth on your face you have to be a spokesperson for us men and the world. Unite!

Is it so hard to talk about our Prostates or Testicles? It is not as uncomfortable as being in the locker room for the first time when you were a kid amongst the teenagers and you had to shower. We all have the vital parts, and the issues with having them. It is a smart decision to go get tested for the prostate, especially if you are past 40, or have family history. My father had prostate cancer, and had his removed. Since I turned 40 I have been checked every other year, and soon to be every year. It is not a fun experience, but a necessary one. Luckily my doctor has thin and short fingers, even though it feels like King Kong’s middle finger during. The testes can be checked by your two trusting friends, either Mr. Left or Mr. Right. You should know what feels normal, and there should not be any discomfort or pain down there. If there is go see that doc asap!

So, we are good. Our friends, coworkers, associates, family, etc are not. Why, because if they are not growing and promoting then they need to know why we are. It is the right of every man to attempt a little stubble or a ton this month. I have a buddy who can’t grow any whiskers so he wears navy or light blue (this color is the one for Prostate Cancer month in June) all month to show his support. Plus he actually contributes financially. The big one is the Movember foundation This one started in all…in Australia and now it is a world wide month of growing.

I am passionate about it because I actually get away with either growing a beard, stash, or a fu-mon chu. The handle bar just hasn’t worked for me yet. What we do know is how to assist you in growing yours. We stock product all month to enhance growth, keep it fresh and clean, plus show you a few tips on maintenance. As your support grows think about the entire ensemble of what you are projecting. It is not just a chance to grow a stash, it is an opportunity to develop a style that will be uniquely yours for a month. The attire will be just as important as the face. Are you ready for that chat, a whiskey, and a true growth opportunity?

I look forward to seeing you.

Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop