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Belts are an everyday accessory that you can’t leave the house without. If your belts are in need of a revamp, Ken’s Man’s Shop has got you covered. Ken’s Man’s Shop carries well-made and stylish men’s belts for every occasion:

Off-The-Rack – If you’re looking to browse some of the best designers and brand options for belts, Ken’s off-the-rack selections are exceptional. Stand-out brands and designers available at Ken’s include Torino belts Dallas and Anderson belts Dallas TX.

Custom – Ken’s Man’s Shop is also able to custom-make men’s belts Dallas. This is the perfect option if you want a belt that is specifically made for your unique needs, size, preferences, style, and more. The options are endless for custom belts at Ken’s.

Semi-Custom – Looking for something in between off-the-rack and custom belts? Semi-custom could be the perfect fit. For semi-custom men’s belts Dallas at Ken’s, you get to hand-pick the belt’s details from what’s currently available on the floor, we’ll cut it based on your measurements, and you get to walk away with an incredible belt.

What Are Some Common Types Of Men’s Belts Available At Ken’s?

Ken’s carries an extensive collection of men’s belts so all of our customers can find their perfect fit. Whether that means off-the-rack, custom, or semi-custom, there are lots of choices. Listed below are some popular types of belts that we carry at Ken’s:

  • Dress Belts
  • Exotic Belts (Alligator, Crocodile, Shark, Ostrich, Buffalo, Etc.)
  • Braided Belts
  • Tubular Woven Belts
  • Pebble Grain Belts
  • Calf Skin Belts
  • Calf Embossed Design Belts

 These are some of the most common types of belts that we have available at Ken’s Man’s Shop, but the list does not stop here. Whatever you’re looking for or need, our expert professionals can point you in the right direction.

The Best Off-The-Rack Belt Brands: Torino Belts Dallas & Anderson Belts Dallas TX

Ken’s Man’s Shop carries nothing but the best brands for men’s belts Dallas. We carefully select and partner with incredible designers all over the world and located right here in Dallas to give our customers the best and highest quality options to choose from.

Some of our most popular brands for off-the-rack belts include Torino belts Dallas and Anderson belts Dallas TX, just to name a few. Ken’s is proud to carry Anderson belts Dallas TX and Torino belts Dallas:

  • Torino Belts Dallas TX – Torino belts Dallas represent the country’s best men’s leather belts Dallas. Based out of New Orleans, our selection of Torino belts Dallas are exceptionally crafted and perfect for any occasion. Torino belts Dallas are top-rated.
  • Anderson Belts Dallas TX – Anderson belts Dallas TX are another exceptional brand. Made in Italy, Anderson belts Dallas TX combine the finest Italian woven leathers with skillful craftsmanship. Anderson belts Dallas TX are timeless and high-quality.

When it comes to off-the-rack belts, Torino belts Dallas and Anderson belts Dallas TX represent the best of the best. If you’re not sure if Anderson belts Dallas TX or Torino belts Dallas would be better for you, our experts can help!

Custom Men’s Leather Belts Dallas Also Available

In addition to our large selection of off-the-rack options for men’s leather belts Dallas, Ken’s also features custom and semi-custom options. Ken’s Man’s Shop specializes in custom men’s attire, apparel, and accessories.

For men’s leather belts Dallas, Ken’s Man’s Shop features two in-house brands where you can bring an idea of a perfect belt to life. These two brands are a part of Ken’s Private Label, and our experts can custom-make your belt based on your specifications:

  • Magna
  • Brooks & Hyde

We combine premium materials and our expertise to precisely create what our clients want. We’ll ensure that everything is exactly how you’d like. If you don’t know what you want for men’s leather belts Dallas, we’ll lend our expertise and guidance.

What Are The Options For A Custom Belt In Dallas TX?

For custom men’s belts Dallas, you get to hand-pick every detail. Semi-custom also allows you to choose certain details to make your belt for your unique needs and taste. Below are some options for custom belts:

Choosing the material for your custom men’s belts Dallas is usually the first and most crucial choice. Ken’s materials for men’s leather belts Dallas include calf skin, pebble grain, alligator, shark, ostrich, crocodile, buffalo, and more. Our experienced haberdashers can help you choose the perfect, premium material for your belt.

In addition to the material, you can also select the grain of your men’s leather belts Dallas. The grain of the leather will affect the composition and look of the material. Ken’s can help you choose the grain you’d like to achieve the perfect final product and look for your belt or belts.

Color is also an important choice for your men’s belts Dallas. Ken’s carries all of the standard color options for our off-the-rack belts, and the color options are endless for custom orders. We’ll help you find the right colored belt to complement your wardrobe and style.

Stitching is a subtle yet crucial detail for a belt. Whether you know exactly the type of stitching that you want or if you’d like to have one of our menswear experts recommend stitching for your belts, Ken’s can do it all.

The belt buckle is one of the most noticeable aspects of a belt. Therefore, you’ll want to carefully select a buckle that will go great with the pieces that you have in mind. For a custom belt buckle, you can pick silver or gold, the buckle size, and other details.

If you are looking to have a belt made and cut for your unique measurements, custom or even semi-custom men’s belts Dallas are the way to go. Ken’s will cut your custom belt to your unique waist size, and you can also select the belt’s width.

About Us - Ken's Man's Shop

Ken’s Man’s Shop stands out as a contemporary and classic haberdashery located in Dallas. As a premier menswear retailer, Ken’s is proud to be the preferred place to buy men’s leather belts Dallas. Our mantra at Ken’s is quality, service, and community:

  • Quality – At Ken’s, we believe quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to menswear, and this is especially true of men’s leather belts Dallas. All of our offerings for men’s leather belts Dallas are made with the world’s finest materials and specifically designed to last. Whether your belts are custom or off-the-rack, they will be high-quality.
  • Service – Service is in our DNA at Ken’s. We go above and beyond for every customer, every time. During your visit to the shop, our haberdashers will work closely with you to suit your needs in every way possible. We’re just a call, email, or even text away if you need anything related to your men’s leather belts Dallas.
  • Community – Ken’s also cares deeply about contributing to our community. We love to give back, and we are proud to do by taking part in charitable causes, events, donations, and more in Dallas.

Looking for where to buy men’s leather belts Dallas? Ken’s Man’s Shop is the solution! Whether it’s Torino belts Dallas, Anderson belts Dallas TX, or custom belts from Magna or Brooks & Hyde, Ken’s is the place to go. Our haberdashers would be thrilled to help you elevate and complement your wardrobe with the perfect belt for uniquely you. Contact Us Here!