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Intense Rejuvenating Serum


Ingredients: De Ionized Water, Hyaluronic Acid (low molecular), Hyaluronic Acid (high molecular), Fulvic Acid, Broccoli Seed Oil, Glycerine, Neroli & Sweet Orange EO, Fermented Radish Root Extract. If you want instant results, this Intense Rejuvenating Serum with Hyaluronic & Fulvic Acid is at the cutting edge of Anti-aging formulas. The Low & High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids trap moisture deep into the skin as well as on the surface, the Fulvic Acid packed with 72 organic minerals (the same minerals our bodies are made up of) is able to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin to mineralize & feed the skin from the inside out. The results are immediate (plumping, firming & smoothing) as well as long term (skin is rejuvenated from the inside out & new skin cells are stronger & more youthful) (30 mL)

IMPORTANT! This miracle serum is very concentrated & needs to be used on damp almost wet skin. We recommend using the Refresh Hydrating Mist or another mineral water mist when applying, as it needs ample hydration to absorb into the skin.

HOW TO USE: Always apply first thing on clean damp skin. Use about 5 drops on face, neck décolletage & back of hands, massage all over the skin, & mist with Refresh Hydrating Mist or a hydrating mist of your choice & massage again. Allow 3 or 4 minutes for absorbing. If skin feels tight, mist again & massage. Follow with serum &/or moisturizer. The Hyaluronic in this product will also help your other products absorb more completely. Enjoy the beautiful results!!

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