Samuelsohn Has Come A Long Way

Samuelsohn clothing has been making large strides in the men’s fashion industry these past couple of years. Their new design team is at the heart of the revival. It is about design, comfort, and feel with “love” woven in each and every piece. There are three major components to their Fall 2018 collection.

The first is the stock program mixed with off-the-rack clothing. These are the Samuelsohn suits and coats for the Dallas businessman to the constant traveler. These pieces are tailored to those who always need to be at the top of their game with fabrics that can withstand movement. The core program are in the colors of navy, Atlantic blue, and soft grays.
The fashion comes in Samuelsohn’s ABS program. This is where the new design implementation has taken on a whole new mix. There are suits, coats, jackets, trousers, shirts, and outerwear to explore in 12 models. The coats are a bit shorter, more unconstructed, all luxe materials, and fully functional pieces. I especially like the dove gray unconstructed jacket with the patch pockets and ticket pocket. Under the collar is a melton of a different color for those times in the winter where one needs to pop the collar. All the shirts are designed by Samuelsohn in their new custom shirt program. Ken’s will launch this program here in the shop on October 25, so be sure to come by and see these new pieces!

Made to Measure
The final piece is the Samuelsohn Made to Measure custom program. All the ABS and stock fabrics are within this collection, except this is a box filled with sophisticated fabrics from around the globe. These include tweeds, wools, cashmeres, Alpaca, unique blends, etc… The care of choosing these fabrics is what makes this program so special. It is about the patterns, plus the subtle mix of fabrics to create a unique look to the wearer, and the grace of fabrics that lay perfectly when created by a Ken’s haberdasher. We take time to take accurate measurements and find out exactly how you wear your garments. This will tell us exactly what we should add or omit in your personal design. Another great feature of the program is that Samuelsohn gets their garments back to the consumer in four weeks.
We look forward to the launch of the Samuelsohn custom shirts and showing you the Fall 2018 with their amazing clothing!

Happy Fall 2018.

Kory Helfman
Ken’s Man’s Shop
Dallas Haberdasher