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Haberdashery News – June 2024

Give It a Minute This is the slogan that we Dallasites live by. I am saying this again for those who have arrived within the last few years: With the ever-changing weather, we always need to remember to just give it a minute.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – May 2024

A Ken’s Exclusive “We can change anything but the face” was one of my father’s “Kenisms” for years. We all chuckled over this comment every time he said it. Our team has been working diligently to challenge that wisdom! Though it is next to impossible to accomplish changing the face with clothing, we finally found a way to get the job done, with no plastic surgery required.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – Late April 2024

The New Business Attire From top to bottom… Sport coats that pair with denim and 5-pocket trousers. Soft shoulders, sometimes unconstructed and other times with full canvas construction. We are seeing both patch and flap pockets, depending on the gent and his position in the company.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – March 2024

Prep Early for the Derby The Thomas family from last year’s house party Preparation is always the key to any successful event. Our current trunk show week with Samuelsohn is the perfect opportunity to create an outfit for the Kentucky Derby, or a house derby party.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – February 2024

Appreciate Love Let’s have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day! Your haberdashers brought in some extra-special gifts to get you in the right mood to enjoy Wednesday, February 14th. Here are some of our favorites so far: 2Undr Heart Briefs Dead Soxy limited edition Dallas Pegasus socks Pig & Hen Bracelets Ken’s semi-custom belts Eton dress shirts in new styles and colors A gift certificate for a custom knit shirt, to spice up the polo wardrobe A custom cologne experience A MELT Mahogany Woods candle Or you could opt for our newest blazer from Jack Victor, in blue textured lightweight stretch fabric, with a 2-button patch pocket design.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – January 2024

2024: The Year of Reflection and Growth As we enter our 60th year, I have been reflecting on our role in the community and in your lives. What has made Ken’s so special for the last seven decades is you. Our relationships with you.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – December 2023

Our Annual Book and Toy Drive Is Back! Carolina’s son Alexander assists us on his days off of school! Our annual toy and book drive for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is back! In past years we have filled the pool table with items for these incredible children.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – November 2023

Are You Ready, Ladies? Starting today through November 18th, your haberdashers will be taking orders on the Fundamental Coast women’s range that we brought in exclusively for you! This is a limited-time offer on inventory that they are holding specifically for us.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – Late October 2023

Join Us for Our Brax Event Our Fall 2023 Brax event is coming up soon! This year we’re hosting the event during Partners Card week — our Brax representative Rene Christopher will be in the haberdashery all day on Thursday, November 2nd.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – October 2023

Weather Your Closet Fall may officially be here, but the weather is still warm and it’s not time to put away all of your spring and summer items just yet. Each weekend, select one category of clothing to switch out, and take the time to go over each item and make sure of a few things: Have you actually worn the items you are putting away, as well as the ones you are pulling out?… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – September 2023

A Really Big Thank You — We Won! We officially won the 2023 Preston Hollow Advocate award for Best Men’s Clothing Store! Our little generational neighborhood haberdashery could not have done this without you and your support. We appreciate your loyalty, friendship, and most importantly the continual “modeling” of Ken’s attire throughout the metroplex.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – Independence Day 2023

Help Prevent Crime It is not only here, but everywhere — the haberdashers have begun to mention to our clients (whom we think of as extended family) that there has been a significant uptick in smash-and-grab robberies in Dallas. We have been hearing about it in Preston Center for months, but recently there have been occurrences here too.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – Father’s Day 2023

Patriarch There are many terms for a male parent: father, dad, papa, padre, daddy, and so forth. One that is not used as much anymore is “patriarch”. It does sound a bit odd to call our dads by this name, or more accurately, this title, but fathers are indeed the patriarchs of the family.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – June 2023

In Memory of Jim I would like to take a moment to honor my good friend and business associate, Jim Farrell. Jim was the rep for johnnie-O at our shop. Many of our clients met him either at our trunk shows, around town, or “hanging out” (a reference to the name of johnnie-O’s untuck shirts) at the shop with the haberdashers.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – May 2023

Faux Pas Presenting Alright, alright, alright… yes, you know this guy! I took this screenshot on my iPad while I watched Matthew McConaughey presenting an online seminar. Although the content was terrific (and similar to his book Greenlights), I kept being distracted by his outfit.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – Late April 2023

A Recap of Our Trunk Show Our BRAX, Wolf & Shepherd, and Beauty by Apothecary Trunk Show was this past Saturday, April 22nd. The haberdashers hosted Rene Christopher of BRAX, Mitchell Crane of Wolf & Shepherd shoes, and Suzanna Dupuy of BBA.… Read the Rest

Haberdashery News – April 2023

The Year of the Belt In our 60-year history we have seen the belt evolve from a basic necessity, to a major staple, and now a modern accessory. Today’s men are using the strap as its own statement, or to complement and enhance their ensembles.… Read the Rest

Ken’s Man’s Shop Celebrates 56 Years

Today we acknowledge and honor the anniversary of Ken’s Man’s Shop. Since 1964, Ken’s has been a part of the Dallas community, helping men develop and refine their personal style through clothing. From the 1960s to the 2020s, we have been here through seven decades of family, fashion, and memorable times.… Read the Rest

Father’s Day 2020

The Covid Year This recent photo was the first time I was able to see my father in person since the start of the Covid-19 lockdowns. It had been twelve weeks since our previous visit. When we could finally be in the same room together again we hugged, laughed, cried a little, laughed some more, and picked up where we left off.… Read the Rest

The Heroes Among Us

Current Heroes We have been reading and listening to the heroes among us for the past six-plus weeks. The frontline hospital doctors and nurses who fight for us daily to save our families’ and friends’ lives. The police officers and firefighters who assist us when we are stranded or in peril.… Read the Rest

Partnership = Community = Paying It Forward

We know it and say it all the time in Dallas: who you know is more important than what you know. Those times of trying to get in the door to make an introduction, or searching for a contact for the business deal your company is creating.… Read the Rest