We Are Well Hung with 2 Undr Underwear

I love living in the year 2015. After many years of trying to get it right in the brief department, we now live in a century where the items bought are almost customized to your nature as a man. For years we have lived with briefs being skin on skin, and all the complications that accompany that, as just a way of life. How often do we go for a run and during the last miles our trunks are soaking and chaffing our inner thighs? Or play golf on a hot summer day, soak through to the waist band of our pants, want to untuck our shirts, but don’t because of club rules? Or how about those guys with prominent seats and thighs and have to go through life fighting wedgies ?

Butt no more. (pun intended)

Ken’s just signed on to as the brand ambassadors of 2 Undr for the Dallas area. This line of briefs for men will revolutionize those who strive for comfort, fit, purpose, and style. We wake early to work out, then go to work wearing slacks or denim, we come home and hang with the family in more casual attire, we sleep, and wake up to begin again. There are four instances of being able to wear briefs for each occasion ( or at least two). 2 Undr has patents on their front Joey Pouch, and new technology on their makeup for their performance briefs.

“The vision of 2UNDR™ was simple. Inspired by the kangaroo-pouch, we set out to create a high performance men’s athletic underwear, with the versatility of everyday use. Using the most advanced construction techniques and materials, we were able to separate your equipment from your body to reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact. With more support than a standard brief and improved airflow to keep you cool, the 2UNDR™ products provide the best fit, comfort and style a man could ever need.”

Additionally, 2 Undr’s Joey Pouch is a life changing solution to both bladder control issues and the post-operative side effects of prostate cancer. This technology frees men of bulky adult diapers through the small moisture absorbing pads that fit perfectly inside the Joey Pouch.

Why waist time (another pun). Discover this new century that contains us as men, and lets us truly be free.

2 Undr is now “well hung” at Ken’s. The launch party is on Saturday, December 12th from 1 to 5pm. We will have special incentives that day!

Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop