We Suit You

I love looking through the “hall of frame,” our scrapbooks at Ken’s. Imagine the 55 years of history that we have compiled!  It is rich in tradition with the marketing and advertising, the people and personalities, but especially the clothing history. Men’s suits have come a long way since the “mod” days of fashion in the sixties, and the bell-bottoms, bellow pockets, and center vents of the seventies. Have we evolved, or are we taking from the pages of history to recreate for a new generation of clientele who weren’t there to see it all the first time through?  The pendulum is definitely swinging back that way again.

The influence of the seventies is back with micro-prints and motifs, except this time without the silk or five-inch collars! These micro-prints are a perfect way to change up the checks and tattersalls of the 2010s. Take any of your patterned sport coats and mix with a micro-patterned shirt and shazam, an instant modern effect that looks great! It goes especially well with the extra-large pattern coats that are everywhere right now.

Now imagine those suits you have sitting in the closet. We’ve already talked about the Ken’s Notie collar as a way to change up your style without the tie. Grab one of these new micro-prints and place it with a solid or a patterned suit sans the neckwear, and you’ve instantly evolved your style. For a younger, more sporty look, grab a pair of our “dress tennies” and couple them with a Ken’s custom belt. Top it all off with a patterned pocket square! If you prefer a slightly more conservative look, put a tight-weaved micro neat shirt mixed with a textured solid suit, step into some dressy slip-ons with a toned-down pocket circle, and once again you’ve raised the bar.

We all continue to push our limits in business, so why not grow in style, as well? Being stylish is always in vogue, and delivers the appropriate message.

Have questions? Just ask one of your Ken’s haberdashers to assist. We’re here to help.

Kory Helfman
Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop