Wedding Consultations: What to Expect at Your Ken’s Appointment

The Doritys’ wedding party.

So you made the appointment with a Ken’s haberdasher for your wedding. Here are some of the questions you can expect us to ask at your consultation:

  • The date, location, and time of your wedding.
  • Your budget for the groom and for the groomsmen.
  • The style of the outfits (tuxedo, wedding suit, or casual).
  • Whether you want custom, off-the-rack, rentals, or a mix.
  • The number of groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, and ring bearers.
  • The locations of the above gents – Ken’s can work with any person no matter where they live, as long as they have a smartphone.
  • Your contact information.
  • The wedding colors.

Second Contact or Visit

Groomsmen before the wedding, showing their Ken’s custom shirts.

Involving Ken’s Man’s Shop gave me a great sense of pride and confidence going into the wedding. I’d recommend Ken’s to anyone!   —Bobby, Dallas, TX 

Before your second visit you will receive an email full of the notes from the first meeting. The purpose of the second visit is to measure the groom for his custom outfit or rental. We will then pick the fabric and the expected design qualities. Afterward, we will select the shirt and accessories to complete the look.

Once this is done we can begin to work on the groomsmen and other members of the wedding party. We will ask if you wish to have a groomsmen fitting event at the store. This not only saves the haberdasher time, but it is a fun gathering where groomsmen in the local area can come together to celebrate the groom, get fitted at the same time, and have some photos taken for the wedding book. Usually the bride shows up near the end to be toasted as well.

This was our trickiest wedding to date, as we had to get all the outfits to Hawaii.

Kory at Ken’s Man’s Shop was such a pleasure to work with! He outfit me and my eight groomsmen wonderfully for my wedding in Hawaii! He showed such an attention to detail and skill in dressing us out for the big day and found a way to make me stand out as the groom. Not only was the fit of each man’s suit impeccable, but Kory was an invaluable help coordinating with getting all of our suits across the Pacific! It would have not been the same without him! —Caleb K.

If the groomsmen will be wearing rentals then your haberdasher can contact the out-of-town groomsmen through a smartphone, Zoom, or social media. This is usually easier than finding a tailor to do separate fittings in each location. If it is a custom or off-the-rack wedding then we will need to schedule an in-store visit, or we will find you a location to go get measured accurately.

Final Visits

Client being fitted for his formal tuxedo by our master tailor, Sigi Barrera.

During the final visit, your Ken’s haberdasher will first have the groom try on his entire outfit to ensure fit and feel. Once the most important man is done, we will begin to work on the groomsmen.

If the groomsmen’s outfits are rentals, then we will have everything in the store the Wednesday before the wedding. We will personally call each gent and have them drop by Wednesday and Thursday to try everything on. If we have any issues, there will still be time to replace anything that doesn’t fit.

If we are doing custom or off-the-rack clothing then the try-on sessions will take place a minimum of four to five weeks before the wedding to guarantee the fit and feel. We can always do last-minute alteration tweaks if necessary.

During the week of your wedding, your Ken’s haberdasher will only be a text message away in case you have any last-minute changes, questions, or concerns.

If you wish, you can schedule your haberdasher to be at your wedding on your most important day, to assist you and the wedding party in the hours before the nuptials. The bride’s party will have no fewer than three people assisting them, but you need only one: your haberdasher valet. What do we do? We tie bow ties, polish shoes, supply any missing or forgotten accessories, and inspect outfits a final time before the photographer shows up, and then again before you head down the aisle. Plus, it is comforting to us at Ken’s to make certain you are at your best on this most special day.

The father of the groom wanted to polish his grandson’s shoes on his youngest son’s wedding day.

We love when couples are happy ever after. With Ken’s it’s all about you!

Kory Helfman
Ken’s Man’s Shop
Dallas Haberdasher