Why You Should Care about the Fragrance You Wear

How refined is your fragrance game? Do you have specific colognes that you like, or do you just wear whatever family members buy for you as a holiday gift? A lot of us don’t put much thought into what kinds of colognes we wear, and sometimes we can get stuck in a pattern of either continually wearing a fragrance we don’t even care about that much, or perhaps not wearing any at all.

But there are quite a few good reasons to pay attention to your fragrance choices, and to make those choices deliberately. Surely there’s a specific fragrance out there (or maybe more than one) that reminds you of a particular person who used to wear it. Maybe you haven’t seen or thought about this person in years, but suddenly you encounter someone else wearing the same scent, and you’re instantly transported back in time. That scent is tied in with all the memories and emotions that go along with your thoughts of that person. That’s how powerful a fragrance can be – it can hijack your brain and take you somewhere else entirely.

The same is true with your own day-to-day cologne choices. It may seem like a small thing, but putting on cologne when you’re getting ready to go out can boost both your mood and your confidence. It can make others around you take notice, as well – and who doesn’t want to be known as the guy who smells great?

So it makes sense to be mindful and deliberate when making choices about what cologne you want to wear. One of the ways you can really distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd is by creating a personal fragrance that’s unique to you. Companies like Olfactory NYC offer ways to blend scents into an individualized cologne that is made for you specifically. That way, when people associate a particular fragrance with you, it’s distinctive and extraordinary, and not just what everyone else is wearing.

So now that you have that great new outfit from Ken’s, it’s time to enhance it with a fragrance to match your style. If you’re new to the fragrance game or just want to update what you usually wear with something fresh, we’ve got a great opportunity coming up this Friday for our June First Fridays event. Special guests Natalie and Sam from Olfactory NYC will be at Ken’s all day on June 7th to help you create your own custom cologne! You can make one for yourself, or get a gift certificate for Father’s Day so that Dad can come make his own. We look forward to seeing you Friday!

Kory Helfman

Dallas Haberdasher

Ken’s Man’s Shop