Number 1 on our Valentine's Day gift countdown is our gift to you! Happy Valentine's Day! #valentinesday #valentinesatkens #kenscountdown
Happy Valentine's Day! There is still time to pick out the perfect gift for both men and women at Ken's. We'll help with selection and wrapping, so hurry down! #valentinesday #valentinesatkens
Valentine's Day is tomorrow, which means we are almost done with our gift countdown. Pocket squares are number 2 on our list! These will help add personality to your loved one's jackets. Pick a few up today! #kenscountdown #valentinesatkens #valentinesday
Help him get his heart pumping this Valentine's Day with Tasc Performance athletic wear, number 3 on our Valentine's Day gift countdown! #kenscountdown #valentinesatkens #valentinesday
Next Tuesday is Valentine's Day! Stop by Ken's and pick up a piece of Catherine Page Jewelry that will melt her heart! #kenscountdown #valentinesatkens #valentinesday
Only 3 Days Left to Spend the Love! #valentinesday #valentinesatkens
The 5th spot on our Valentine's Day gift countdown is reserved for socks! Stop by and pick up a sock bundle that includes unique designs, along with quality materials and craftsmanship from @aceandeverett @vknagrani and Marcoliani Milano. #kenscountdown #valentinesatkens #valentinesday
Valentine's Day is approaching! Have you gotten your special someone a gift yet? If not, don't fret. We've got you covered with our Valentine's Day Gift Countdown!

Number 6 on our list is Zanella slacks paired with an Eton Shirts dress shirt. We will help you choose the perfect combo and size for your Valentine! #valentinesatkens #kenscountdown #valentinesday
Number 7 on our Valentine's Day gift countdown features Bendecidos Handmade Pens.

Each pen is handcrafted one at a time with care, integrity and love right here in Texas. Plus, these pens are built to be used, not just sit on the desk. Pick one up today! #kenscountdown #valentinesatkens #valentinesday