About Ken's

Ken's Man's Shop - Since 1964

Ken’s is a classic contemporary haberdashery, focusing on understated elegance and unique details. We take pride in the quality of our clothing and in giving our clients seamless comfort. Our team hand-picks and develops strong relationships with every vendor, from the sleeve to the accessory. Ken’s hosts regular events where clients have the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with vendors, designers, and others in the wider community.

Our mantra is: Quality, Service, and Community.

Our team of haberdashers are an internal family support system for each other and the clients they assist. Going the extra mile and being there for each other is part of our DNA.

Ken Helfman

Founder, Haberdasher Emeritus

Ken is enjoying his retirement years spending quality time with his wife, Jerri, of 40 years, and his ever growing family. He has gone back to his love of pencil sketching and drawing. While he doesn't spend any time at the shop these days he does love hearing updates from decades of clients about their lives / families / and life. If you wish speak with Ken or have a lunch with him, please contact Kory.

Kory Helfman

Haberdasher / Owner

Kory's goal is to provide the best possible modern haberdashery service. He focuses on growing and maintaining relationships with both clients and vendors, creating a loyal community based on mutual support and superior standards of quality.

Carolina Campos


Carolina has been with Ken's since 2008. She has an exceptional skill for creating a welcoming environment in the shop, with beautiful window displays and thoughtfully-organized merchandise.

John Virden


John has worked in men's retail for over three decades, and enjoys the people, relationships, and business of retail. He also has extensive experience and well-rounded knowledge in other industries. He is the consummate gentleman and friend to many.

Mark Burns


Mark comes to Ken's with an extensive track record in the men's retail clothing industry, specializing in custom clothing from Samuelsohn.

Kramer Morgan


Kramer hails from 75230 and is a graduate of Hillcrest HS. He is currently finishing his undergrad at UTD in child psychology. Kramer also is a busy volunteer around the Dallas community! He is a Sensei at Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense, and a swim instructor during the summer months.

Sigi Barrera

Senior Master Tailor

Sigi Barrera is a tailor's tailor. Not only is he a master tailor and warm-hearted individual, but is also an aspiring musician. Sigi has been with Ken's for three decades.


Ken's has an array of master tailors who work outside the shop. Needing "functional button holes" on your suit, extreme re-cut to pants, re-weaving that coat that had a snag or moth hole? We have your team of tailors ready to assist you!


Ken's has numerous "Kennequins" in the window displays and throughout the shop. Some have been around since the Garland days, and others are trying to fill the shoes of ones who left us too soon. They are always fashionable and appropriately dressed for each season. They are Carolina's and Kory's muses.